"so like a pr relationship"

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june 21st
11:00 am

"hello pennies, welcome back to my channel. if this your first time visiting hey, whats up, my name is penelope and im passionate about making videos i love and content my fans, my pennies, enjoy. make sure to drop a like down below and subscribe to my channel to stay updated on what i do. now, today i have some errands to run so i decided to take you all with me." penelope then paused the recording and slipped on her red toms and grabbed her miniature backpack, filling it with the things she's need. she picked up her camera and started recording again.

"for todays outfit, i went with something simple. just this super cute, casual black bodycon dress, my black jean jacket , which i snagged at ross and my red toms." she then left and locked her apartment heading outside to the corner store.

"firstly, i need to do grocery shopping, nothing to extensive but i need some of the basics so we're heading to the corner store." she continued recording herself picking up milk, bread, eggs and oil until she ran into jack. immediately her face reddened.

he quirked his eyebrows at her red face before brushing past her to grab oil also. she turned away and moved up the aisle a tad. she reached for the canned soup when she realized she couldn't reach. jack noticed her struggle and reached up to grab the canned soup. she smiled and thanked him, when she was tapped on the shoulder. she turned to see selena gary. her ex girlfriend. she glared at the older brunette who was holding hands with a raven haired female.

"what do you want?" she snapped, jack watching her intently.

"just watching you struggle to reach that can like how you struggle to move on and find another partner." selena laughed. penelope glared.

"who says i dont have one." she shot back, fist clenching.

"i follow you on social media, even your private accounts. you dont have one." selena smirked triumphantly.

"what if i was just keeping it private?" selena pondered that comment for a moment, before rolling her eyes.

"you love to show off who your dating too much, to keep it private." she claimed, crossing her arms. penelope then decided to do one of the riskiest things to do in the moment and grasped jack's hand, who had been standing by.

"well then you're the first person i get to show him off too. selena meet jack." selena raised her eyebrow.

"do you really think im that dumb?" she uncrossed her arm, placing her hand on her hip.

jack released his hand from penelope's before wrapping them softly around her waist.

"i can assure you that this," he motioned between him and penelope. "is real. so if you could stop harassing my girlfriend, that'd be much appreciated." his finger tracing gentle shapes on her abdomen. penelope felt herself relax, leaning into jacks touch, closing her eyes, savor his scent. selena glared at the "couple" before storming off, dragging her girlfriend away.

penelope pulled away from jack, a little sad she had to let go.

"wow, ok wow. who is that?" jack asked, stuffing his hands into his pocket.

"my ex-girlfriend." penelope blushed.

"girlfriend? you're bi?"

"no, pansexual."

"oh ok. so now about this dating thing..."

"you dont have to do it." penelope said, her face heating up more.

"no no, i think this will be good for our channels, and who couldn't use a kissing budddy." jack suggested shrugging.

"so like a pr relationship?" penelope questioned.

"yea, no feelings attached though." penelope rolled her eyes.

"of course, boyfriend."

"ok girlfriend, whats your number so we can work out some technicalities, yea?"

the new couple, traded numbers and then parted ways.

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