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Connor continued following your movements stiffly for the next minute, until the next tune began.

A big, goofy grin spread across your face as you couldn't help but recognize the jazzy, playful nature of the song. Every eerie thought seemed to have dissolved into thin air as you let go of Connor's right hand, slinging it around his neck.

The android was brought into a gentle, loose embrace, your soft chuckle ringing in his left ear as you dipped your head into the crook of his neck.

"Oh man, I love this one!" You squeaked in delight, to which Connor couldn't help but smile as well. "I mean, if this isn't the jazziest song there is, I don't know what is. Just listen to it!"

Connor frowned in concentration, LED blinking yellow as he thought.

"Well, it certainly corresponds to the term humans call 'groovy'." Connor explained. "It contains repeated arpeggios that are rhythmically displaced, played on the saxophone, along wi-"

"No, that's not...what I meant." You explained while guiding both of his hands to rest on your waist. "Don't analyze it or anything. Just listen. Concentrate on how it makes you...feel."

The Android's brows furrowed in confusion before he then fixated the floor in focus.

"Here, let me help." You whispered, barely loud enough for Connor to hear. From his neck, you brought both your hands to cup his face, stroking over his cheeks with your thumb. The cold skin flushed a soft blue, gradually warming up. "Close your eyes, Connor."

The led under his hat blinked yellow, then blue. In a barely visible motion, his hips began swaying to the rhythm, the move gradually going through his entire body. It was about as natural as you had seen him move until now, which caused you to smile.

"There you go! See, it's fun, right?" You nodded your head from side to side as his eyes fluttered open. Connor watched you with both amusement and wonder.

"I think...I think I can see why humans do this."

You smiled at him playfully, reaching to take off his hat and put it on yourself. You then took his right hand, held it above your head and performed a small spin. The Android's chocolate puppy eyes, which seemed pitch black in the bar's dim light, were glued on your face. You reassumed your old position after that, with both of your arms wrapped around his neck, and his palms pressing against the small of your back.

"How come you know about music?" You asked. "You said something about arpeggios."

"I have basic knowledge about it since it is necessary for me to partake in military music as a soldier." Connor explained once again, then took your hand, raising it above your head. "Can you do that again? The pirouette?"

You complied, chuckling to yourself, then turned back around to face him. Your frame was pressed against his, you could clearly feel the Thirium pump drum against your chest quickly and unsteadily. Was Connor nervous? Could he even do that? "Why?"

"What why?" He asked, looking down at you, something in his chest fluttering at the sight before him. Connor was fully aware that it wasn't normal for a machine; but he had the urge to save this moment in his memory, every single part of it-your face, warm, gentle and loving and pressed against his neck in a way he couldn't describe, the smell of fruity alcohol mixed with perfume, your hair tickling his jawline, your chuckle in his ear. He hadn't ever felt anything of the sort before, but Connor was certain that this was what humans called bliss.

"Why did you ask me to do it again? The pirouette."

"You seemed to enjoy it." Connor answered. "And I-"

"Yo, what the fuck is up with that blinky thing on that guy's forehead?" A voice, loud, unfamiliar and thundering asked over the music.


Entire body rushing with hot adrenaline, you let go of the Android, quickly taking off the hat on your head and pressed it back onto Connor's. Without waiting any further, you grasped his sleeve and ran, pushing people aside, murmurs coming from left and right. Not good. If Kamski found out, this would be the moment that ultimately marked the end of your career!

You stormed out of the bar, Connor following closely behind. As soon as you were outside and started pulling the Android in the direction of your house, he stopped.

"Connor, what-"

"I'm calculating a different route."

The bar's doors flew open, two men and a woman storming outside.

"There's no time for-"

"I'm done. Follow me."

"We should just follow the path we already know!"

"It's too simple. They won't lose track of us. Do you trust me, (y/n)?"

You clenched your hands into fists, flinching when you realized how close your three followers were getting. "Alright, fine! You better know what you're doing."

He nodded, then firmly wrapped his fingers around your wrist, dragging you after him. You struggled to keep up, since Connor was both faster and more resilient, however he slowed down his steps at every sharp turn the both of you took, as if to give you small breaks. He lead you down narrow, intertwined alleys, causing you to completely lose track of your location within just a few minutes, just like the three people following you. Connor slowed down his steps entirely after he was certain you had shaken them off, turning around to look at you. You were red-faced and slightly heaving.

"Sorry about that. While I did struggle to maintain a moderate speed for you to be able to keep up, the line between that and getting caught was thin. I apologize if I tired you out."

"No, that's...hah, it's fine. I should be the one saying sorry. If I hadn't been dumb enough to take off your hat and-"

"Humans often think irrationally when they're overwhelmed by emotions. It wasn't your fault." The Android answered, then resumed his path with confident steps. "Come on, we're 800 meters away from your home."

"Sorry." You followed him, answering with a soft, apologetic tone. "And thank you."

"There is no need for that. I simply did what was required to get us out of trouble." The Android explained. "I will accompany you home and then go back to the workshop. I know the way."

"Actually, would...would you like to stay over? It's probably wiser to go in the morning. You know, better safe than sorry."

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