Chapter 4- Everything Will Be Fine

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# Shean pov#

" How are you feeling today dad? " I asked my dad as I entered his room. He smiled at me and replied ," what could happen to me? I'm totally fine. " I just smiled at him. It's just like him even when he is weak he will never admit it, he will always behave strong. He doesn't like to be treated as weak person. He always like to stand for himself and for others who need help. He says that we don't need to support everyone with money, many times people just need your words. He is truly a great man. He is very honest. I just respect him and love him so much. I couldn't have ever asked for anyone else as good as him to be my father. He has raised me and taught me to value everything in life. I always felt so happy whenever I was with him. He was always a strong person but when I see him now, laid on hospital bed, he look so fragile. I don't want him to break. I want to protect him. I want to do something for him but the fact that I can't just drives me nuts. I really want to stand up for him.

" Have you taken your medication yet? " I asked him. He nodded. I know he will always take medicines without any hesitation because he don't want me to worry. I smiled at him. We talked about random stuffs and when I asked him why he looked so happy then he told me the sudden reunion with an old friend. He told me how much that person means to him, there time together and he was like a brother to my father. He told me how much happy he was to meet him again. Actually he has been talking about same thing from last three days when his friend had shown up. He was happy for it and that was all what matters. We chatted some more. Then I feed him his food and medicine and left the hospital since it was going late.

I usually like to walk so I was walking my way and I constantly felt as if someone was watching me but whenever I looked around there was no one. I just decided to keep walking . I really was having a creepy feeling about it now. I increased my pace and suddenly I think I heard footsteps behind me. Oh my God. Please save me I don't want to die in this situation. I have a ill father to take care of. I started to run fast. I was literally running for my dear life when I bumped into someone. I was so scared to open my eyes that I just keep my eyes close and begged, " please don't kill me, my father is ill I have to take care of him" the unknown person just held my shoulder and shake me and said, " of course I will not kill you. I would have done it sooner if I want to and stop ranting now that burglar is gone." why do I feel like I know this voice. Holy crap! Of course I know this bastard. I open my eyes to confirm my  conclusions and it is of course him. there stand a man with brown hair and matching brown eyes. "jack!!" I exclaimed in happiness and hug him. " oh God you really save me here." I said breaking the hug. " yeah yeah I know. You can treat me your made food for dinner tonight to even up. Now let's go." he said while smirking. "sure." I replied. I am not really that weak person but I am afraid of dark and therefore I easily get at night. Jack  knows this.

Jack is the another important person in my life next to my dad. He is my best friend ever. He treats me like a small brother and takes care of me. He is two years older than me. He always help me and saves me like he saved me today. He is just who he is.

I made dinner for both of us and he eat like a hungry pig. We laughed and joke around about how I freaked out with the burglar and then suddenly he asked, " how is dad now? Is he improving?" he called my dad, dad. No one mind. He lives alone and is very found of my dad. I replied, " he is just same jack. He could get worse. Doctors said the surgery is only solution. It's little risky but is necessary. It's too costly, even if I sell our house and do as many jobs as I can but it's still less. I want to do something for him. I don't want to lose him jack. He means everything to me. " as I finished I was already in tear, sobbing mess. Jack is the only other person I am comfortable with other than my dad. I could always cry in front of him and he would always lend me his shoulder without asking. In my current situation he was the one who keep me motivating and in my senses . He came to me and wrapped his arms around me. He  rocked me back and forth and keep saying in my ears," everything will be fine. You are a strong person and you are not alone. You have me. Nothing bad will happen to you when you do everything good. Trust me everything will be fine. " I really want to trust him. I really want everything to work out but how? How will it happen?

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