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THE BATHROOM FLOOR was a quiet area, the sound of music echoing throughout the room, creating a calm scenario

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THE BATHROOM FLOOR was a quiet area, the sound of music echoing throughout the room, creating a calm scenario. it was almost so calm that it couldve made marla forget. forget about the death of her mother and forget about beautiful, awful boy downstairs.

goosebumps had painted themselves up and down her bare thighs as a result of sitting on the cold bathroom floor.
she ran my ashen hands up and down her legs, trying to warm them up as a single tear streamed down my face.

rapidly, marla stood from the bathroom floor and stalked over to the mirror, bringing her hand up to her cheek to wipe the tear off. shs ran her fingers through her hair, causing her fringe to swoop to the one side of her forehead.

you got this.

and with that, marla stormed out of the bathroom and stalked over to april, who had a bottle of alcohol gripped tightly between her fingers. her brown hair was everywhere, stuck to her face from sweat and from the heat in the air. loose strands of hair had fallen out of her ponytail, her cheeks flushed.

marla reached forward, grabbed the bottle from between her fingers, placed the rim in-between her plump lips and chugged.

"wooh marla!" april slurred from in front of the girl, swaying from her left foot to her right.
giving her a smirk, she dropped the bottle to the floor and let it shatter.

marla borne turned on her heel and walked over to stan, one of richies fuckface friends, and stopped right behind him, placing her hand on his shoulder, giving it a squeeze.

"hey stan the man," she giggled, causing stan and the rest of the losers to turn around abruptly.
stans eyes went wide as he saw her, of all people, standing before him. marla grabbed the red cup from his hand and took a swig of it, throwing it to the ground and biting my pink lip.

"oh, uh, h-hey marla," stan stuttered, obviously nervous by her presence because, well, she is the it girl, isn't she?

she swayed a bit due to the alcohol soaking into her system and stumbled backwards falling into someone's arms.
warm hands clasped tightly onto her upper arms, pushing the girl forward to stand back up.

"oh youve gotta be karate kidding me! richie fucking t-tozierrr, get your hands off of me," a know drunk marla slurred at the boy while craning her neck up to look at him, lip between my teeth.
she gave him a slight shove, causing him to stumble backwards over his feet, a startled look upon his face.

marla tucked the stray strands of hair behind her ear and started to walk away to receive another cup of this shit before richie reached forward, grabbed her wrist and started to pull her upstairs, past all the snogging teenagers and disturbing moans coming out of each room making the girl turn up her nose in disgust.

"alright princess, which room is your one ? im going to put you to sleep," richie mumbled turning to face her.

"no richie i wanna party more, let me party," the words that escaped her mouth are slurred and stumbled, foreign to her.

"marla, princess, you are drunk out of your fucking mind, come one, which room is yours," richie said, growing frustrated.
"uhhm, i think its that one?" she said, grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the room.

"oops, its locked," she burped and stumbled backwards and forwards digging around the tight pocket of her skirt for the key.
richie had his hands awkwardly placed inside of his pockets, staring at the girl, studying her.

"ah! here it i-is!" she said as she placed one hand on the door for support, leaning against it, while jamming the key into its lock.

she missed several times.

richies hand flew forward and grabbed the key from her's and easily slid it through the lock, after all, richie wasnt the intoxicated one here.

his pale wrist turned slowly and with a click, the door swung open revealing my room.

"here," he said as he extended his arm for marla to grab onto and led her, a stumbling mess, towards the bed.

she dropped herself onto the thick mattress and released a sigh of content.
richie slowly crouched down in front of her, where her legs were hanging off the bed, and one by one, he slowly peeled her shoes off and threw them somewhere in the room; knocking over everything in its way.

"heyy, watch it trashmouth tozier, youre gonna wr-reck my roo-m," marla argued.

"yeah, well you probably wont have a problem replacing it. you have a fucking truck load of cash marla," he whispered.

richie placed a hand on one of the girl's smooth shins and dragged it down towards her ankle, where he hooked his finger under her sock and peeled it off. revealing the girl's manicured feet.
slowly, he did it to the other one.

"your hands are sooo soft, like a cat," marla giggled.

he got up from his squatting position,  bringing the girl's legs with him.

gently, he placed them on the bed, grabbed a blanket from the crate in the corner and draped it over the girl's náked body.

a small yawn escaped her lips as richie wandered back over to the door, not before he picked up a picture frame and smiled a bit, before gently putting it back down and placing his hand on the recently polished doorknob.

i want you to stay.

she wants him to stay.

"richie" something softer than a whisper escaped her mouth in a breath, floating in the air.

he swiftly turned around, small smirk present on his face.


"nothing, nevermind,"

"good night marla,"

"hm, night night rich," she mumbled in her drunk state.

as richie made his way back out into the ongoing party and clicked the door shut, he small blush made his way across his cheeks.

she called him rich.


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