Crimson tears

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The tears of shame and humiliation, which had previously flooded my eyes, had already perished when I heard the faint sound of his steps comming closer. The burning pain between my legs had dulled down to a quiet ache, and my sizzling rage had simmered down to a muted bitterness. My fight, my will, my spark, my energy, it had all been zapped away. You can only manage hold onto the fiery rage for so long, before it will effectively simmer down to nothing, burning out without a fixed outlet to lash out at. And my outlet had left me, he had left me.

I had been lying here for a long time, several mental stages had come and gone. I had first screeched my voice raw at the absent, distorted monster. I then cried, my soul tearing apart. The tears turned into pleading as I begged him to come back. He did not rush to come to my side, he did not soften at the sound of my heartfelt pleas, he was cold, as cold as only the force of nature can be. I realized that no amount of begging, crying or raging would make him break. He would come for me when he ment to come for me, and not a second sooner. The harsh realization drained me, drained away the tears, the hope, the fight, the will, the rage, the spark. It drained it all, I was empty, just the shell of a broken girl remained.

His graceful form entered the room, and I tensed in response. My shell slowly filling up with apprehension as I took in the creature prowling towards me. His icy brown eyes where fixed on my form, taking in every single detail of my frozen figure. I trembled beneeth his gaze as he stod before me. He was biting into his bottom lip, lust clouding his cold eyes. I flinched as his hand reached out, and pulled at my panties. The white fabric slid down my shaking legs, and fell to the floor. I wanted to scream at him, beg him to stop, but my fight had drained away, my voice raw, broken.

He reached over, and grabbed the hem of my crimson nightgown, his hand trailing along my thigh, as it grindingly made its way towards its destination. He pulled the blood colored cotton fabric down, shielding my most intimate part from his own searing gaze.

I let out the breath which I had been holding. The terror clutching at my heart slowly eased its clawing grip. His warm hands came into contact with my cold ones as he remove the cuffs from around my wrists. The cuffs which had been constricting my movments. He slid his hand across the skin on my bared back, and hoisted me into a sitting position. My head swam.

I fumbled, as I tried to pull at the straps of my nightgown, desperate to cover up my bared breasts. His large hands landed on top of mine, calming down the erratic movement, as he helped me pull the crimson material back in place.

I stared into the charcoal of his buttoned shirt, my eyes refused to meet his. Meeting his infinite eyes after the humiliation was just to much.

"Breakfast is ready." His words sliced through the deafening silence.

He walked towards the door, expecting me to follow, and I did. I crawled out of the huge bed, and follwed the domineering creature before me.

He stopped in the doorway, and turned around. He had noticed my hesitation as I paused by the mahogany dresser. My eyes trained on that second drawer.

"You are not allowed to change your clothes, nor put on any panties." His words almost brought bile to my mouth.

"Why?" The question leaving my lips sounded broken in my ears.

"Because you have been a bad girl love." My distressed eyes finaly made contact with his burning cinnamon orbs. I swallowed, my mouth felt dry. I had no retort to his twisted words, so I just stared at him, unmoving.

"Come. The food is getting cold." He held out his hand. Refusing to put my petite hand in his expecting one, was not an option. I left the dresser behind, and put my hand in his. His long fingers closed in an iron grip around my own.

"Im not hungry.." I whispered, almost afraid to be heard. He heard me. He captured my chin with his other hand, forcing my eyes to bend to his own.

"I do not like to have to repeat myself love." Every word leaving his mouth cut me, I flinched.

"The food I put before you will either enter your body by your own hand or by mine." He paused as he stepped closer, his body flush agains mine. His hand forced my head to tilt back even further, I was not permitted to look away.

"I would suggest that you choose by your own hand, seeing that mine wont be as kind." My heart threatened to escape my chest as his sinister words of caution curled around me like a snake, threatening to constrict my breathing.

"You are not allowed to starve yourself, do you understand?" His cold silky voice demaned an answer.

I nodded my head, his grip on my chin making the movement awkward.

"Y..Yes, I..I understand.. It wont happen again." My quivering words seemed to please him. He released the cruel grip on my chin, granting my captive eyes freedom at the same time.

"Come." He commanded as he yanked on my arm, pulling me with him into the waiting hallway. It was time for breakfast.

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