Vampir Yami Yugi

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It was dark outside 22:36

My friend and I were outside in Mc Donalds .We just drank an milkshake.When she goes home , I heard someone yelling for pain.When I went to the yell , I saw someone knelted one the floor next to the trashcan and was holding his neck like someone retched him."A-are you okay?"When I spoke , he fast looked at me.He had red eyes ,lace nails ,  I could saw his veins in his face.He really has got pain ,but he was not normal And than...

He took my hand and pushed me to the trashcan.HOW FAST!He was holding my wrist.My back was lying to the trashcan.Than he...bite my neck.It hurt.I moan.It couldn't be , he was a vampire.He drank my blood fast .My legs hurt.My legs were open and he was laying against my body , he was heavy!My eyes were weak.Finally he was done , than he liked the bite wound.Than he looked at me , I could see his red eyes , "Beautiful"I said weak.He looked shocked.Than I fainted.The only I felt
was ,someone was carrying me.This heat, it drives me crazy.I tried to open my eyes , than I saw him again , his eyes were now purple?But still beautiful.When I touched his face , it was cold.Are all vampires cold?Why do I feel warm then?He stopped and looked at me emotionless.I could see his emptiness in his eyes and disappointed and saddens , maybe a little bit angry.Than I let fell my arm  because I couldn't hold it , I was weak.Than I felt pain at my neck.I cried.Than I fainted again...

When I woke up I could feel that I was on a bed , on a kingsize bed.I opened my eyes.It was a normal room.A black wardrobe , a white black  kingsize bed, a black comedy  and a brown door.It was a small room.The curtains were closed .I moan , because my neck hurt to much.I lay again.And took an hard breath in and out while holding my neck tight.Than someone opened the door.It was him.His eyes were still purple.He came near to me.And sat on the bed.Is he going to bite me again?!"Are you okay?"He asked me caring."A-a little bit"i said.He took my hand away and saw the bite.He looked shocked."It has gotten worse, it already has black spots   I overdid it!"he said angry, and than he has got red eyes again , is he so angry?But this eyes were so beautiful.I looked at his angry red eyes.but they were not glowing to much , yesterday were they glowing strong.I touched his cheek.He looked at me.Than he looked out of the window.I felt sad.I let fall it.But he caught it.And lay it over his cheek again and than he smiled...I blush , "But it's not more beautiful than you.Thank you"he said smiling.I blush even more."What's your name?"he asked"(y-y/n)""Wonderful name , my name is atem , but you can call me yami."he smiled , and than his eyes turned , to purple"I-i have to go"i said and tried to stand up"You are going anywhere!"he said and pushed me to the bed , WOW HE WAS STRONG"I am sorrh but , if you are not with me , the other vampires would kill you!Because you have a wound ,they can smell it , yesterday I could Control a little bit myself , if I would not ,you would die..., I can't let you go!"he said angry and his red eyes appeared again.I looked shocked."The bite wound would heal in 3 months , you can go than""Are you doing it to every people you bite?""No, I drank Human blood rare , once a month.I drank Animal blood , that keeps me alive  , but some of the people died "he said sad."Yami..."I said sad"You are hungry right , I think I have milk , I will bring you it."he said and went to the kitchen.I stand up and looked outside , I open the curtains."ARGGGH!"yami yell.The glass fell to the floor.And he knelt.I closed the curtains fast and knelt to him.He pushed me hard , that I bumped into the wall , the wall got a big crack.I fell to the floor.I coughed blood.He was still yelling for pain.My back hurt like hell.I stand up and hugged him.He stabbed me with his sharp nails in my skin.I moan.He noticed it and let go quickly.Than he noticed the crack on the wall , he was shocked than he looked at me.I fainted and fell on his lap.

1 month later

I was sitting on the bed.It was midnight and it was full moon.Than he came in and closed the door , his red eyes were glowing and on his mouth was blood , to much , on his cloths top.I was a bit scared.He came near to me.Than he was over me.He looked at me with this wonderful eyes."ya-"he kissed me lustful and emotional.He tries to not bite.Than he took off my cloths.I couldn't forgett this night.

Next day

I was laying over yami , because he is heavy, vampires are heavy no.matter if they are 20kg!I woke up and felt pain everywhere on my body.Yami saw  up and looked at me.Vampires aren't sleeping."(y/n)!"he said worried.I cried and yell.He lay me next to him.My abdomen ached,My breast , my neck everywhere were black big spots.yami cried blood.I wanted to whip his tear away."it's all my fault,If I could control myself better , you wouldn't be like that!"he cried even more."Please don't cry!"I said while crying.I tried to stand up.But he lay me low again."Don't move"he said sad.He stand up and wear his underpants and went to the kitchen.I remember the first night.It was with pain but I love him.He tried to controll his self , but unsuccessful.It hurt to much.I looked under the blanket.I saw everywhere big black spots , bite wounds.On my neck were to much wound.He came back.with a breakfasttable.He presented it over my lap.He helped me to sit normal.It hurts!He feed me , how cute.I am really grateful , he just do everything for me.So he can drink my blood , I saw how his eyes were ,they were red, he was hungry he could die!"Yami drink my blood!""Never!"he said angry.I took the knife and stabed it into my hand .Blood ran out.His eyes wanted the blood.Before he came near to me , he run to the door and went to the kitchen.He brang am injury ribbon.He band it over my hand" YOU ARE CRAZY!"he shout to me.I twitched.He kissed my hand 10 times.He took the breakfastable and went to the kitchen than he came back.He sat on the bed"I am sorry I just don't want to lose you"he said sad and holded my hand."Because I love you..."he said crying."I love you too"i said.He was shocked and then he cried for happiness.He smiled and kissed me...

1 month later

When you are pregnant from a vampire , it takes 1 month to born the baby , by vampire , it's easy to born it , but for humans deathly.

"(Y/N)"yami shout and cried much.He shaked you , but unsuccessful."PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME"he shout.The baby was by his friend yugi .He was crying, you was for him like a sister."STAND UP!"the only way you could wake up again , he has to bite you.He bite your neck and gave his blood into you.Then he let you.Your stomach has got a big hole.You lost blood , and your organs were torned.You died with pain.

2 days later

Finally you wake up.You feel a little bit weird.You stand up and looked at your body.You have got a black dress.

Your eyes were red , you have got

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Your eyes were red , you have got.Lace teeth.A  white skin.Your nails were lace too but not to much.You went outside saw yami .Yami looked behind and saw you.He was shocked than he cried.He run to you and hugged you.But when you hugged hin tight "OUCH!""I am sorry"you said"It's okay.You born new and now you are to strong , so that means you have to controll yourself , and don't worry I am stronger than you"he said and smiled pervert.You was angry."Okay , I am sorry"than you two kissed.

7 years later

"daddy , daddy!"your daughter ran to your father's arms.You followedd your daughter , and in your arm was your 4 years son.And you was pregnant.He hugged you all , and than he kissed you.You was in forest."They wanted to see you"you said."Mommy is faaaaast!"your son yu said."And beautiful."yami said and he stroke your stomach."Mommy said whe are going to hunt!"yu said"but I love animals!MOMMY!"lucy said."We have to , or do you want to drink human blood"yami said"NOPE!"she said."okay let's go"he said and you all ran into the forest...

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