Hacking a Heart-Synthetic by BlackMetalLyoko

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"Julian Lang."

The teenager groaned. He had been expecting this. They always switched up after a week. But these attempts at trying were annoying.

"Doctor Hubert is going to be in charge of your sessions from now on." The nurse nodded to the man with a bit of hesitation. "We expect you to be more compliant."

Julian tilted his head, letting the grafted tubing and wires that replaced natural hair fall in his face. It was supposed to be unsettling, seeing electric blue eyes flash menacingly behind these copper and steel attachments. But this guy didn't show any discomfort at his appearance.

"Thank you very much." The tall man smiled brightly. "Would you mind giving me and this gentleman a moment?"

The nurse left, locking them in. Julian just stare down this new person. Doctor Hubert wasn't unlike the other stiffs that came in here, from the looks of his black slacks and rubber sole shoes or even is navy blue button down with a black tie hidden under the white lab coat. Even his hair was generic, cut and styled to the side like he was trying to be cool. He did have an earring in one ear, though.


"So, Julian." The teenager tilted his head back as the doctor sat down across from him, the device on his wrist blinking as it records the session. "I know what you have done to the other doctors. I've listened to audio tracks, and I understand. You don't like this, you think that your perfect the way you are."

Here we go. He's going to go on the lecture that has been given so many times. How predictable.

"But why?" Doctor Hubert continued, his eyes trailing over every detail as he watched his patient as they spoke. "Why join the resistance? Do you not believe that we are here to help you? Or... Are you just a rebel in need of a cause?"

"Look." Julian sighed, rolling his wrists under the straps that forced him to stay in that seat. "You should know better than to ask that. Humans are weak. We are meant to be more, but then again, technology created us into these hive minds that only listen to the Main Hard-drive. And after a little time, we will be obsolete and turn into just mindless drones. Have you looked at the world lately? So much idle things, so many lives lived and then just pop out of existence without a care. Just work and work and die and be forgotten as we listen to our Leaders as they keep us from seeing what we are becoming. So, this rebel prefers to not be named The Last Free Will Generation. Does that answer your question?"

"Actually yes." Julian scoffed as Doctor Hubert shifted on the couch. "I find it rather fascinating how you see the world around you. And I'm so happy you opened up that window me to see into your head. It's quite easy how fast people can open up when angry."

"Oh really?" The teen rolled his eyes, sarcasm thick in his voice. "It's not like I've said this so many times before."

"Oh." The older man seemed surprised. "Have you? I haven't heard it in the audio files. Maybe the other doctors forgot to upload those? I'll have to look into that later."

"What?" It took a moment to realize what he was saying. "Dude, sarcasm. Are you thick?"

"Well, slightly." Hubert chuckled. "After all, aren't humans just a mass of thick layers of-"

"Oh my god." Julian banged his head back into his chair. "You have to be kidding me! You don't get sarcasm and metaphors? What are you?! A robot or something!?"

The man blinked a few times. Then a smile formed on his lips as he chuckled. He clicked off the audio recording wristband and stood up.

"I'll see you later. I think we can work together tomorrow." Doctor Hubert opened the metal door and leaned against it. "We got to know each other pretty well today."

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