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squid squad

cheryl blossom
so elle, what's up
with you and this tom

not cheryl blossom

quinn fabray
lies, we know you think
he's extremely attractive
we're your best friends, we
know everything

cheryl blossom
yeah, we see you when you're sleeping
we know when you're awake
we know if you've been bad or good
so be good for goodness sake

not cheryl blossom
that was vv creepy
fr, did you not realize how
that sounded

quinn fabray
now answer the question babe

not cheryl blossom
he's the new spiderman
you all know how big of a nerd i am
need to be harsh for mah marvel standards

cheryl blossom
so you don't find him attractive?
not in the least bit?

not cheryl blossom
that's not what i said
he's HELLA attractive
c'mon he's british
i just have probably said 3 sen. to him
so nada atm

quinn fabray
you know who's attractive
elizabeth olsen
she's gorgeous

not cheryl blossom
she's my favorite
i love her

cheryl blossom
just like you love tom

not cheryl blossom
ive been meaning to ask
why's this my name

quinn fabray
you're not cheryl blossom
you're cheryl miller

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