I'm a fairy princess........part 15

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I sighed, sliding down against the wall to sit on the floor. What the h*ll just happened? I'm not sure of anything now. I don't know anything, and nothings the same. Three years ago I was sitting at home in the kingdom reading another one of my books, waiting for my tutor to show up. And now here I am, on the run from my parents hiding in the Werewolf kingdom.

Seconds later Alan and the werewolf King entered the room. "What happened?!", a booming voice asked.

"She had a vision", Alan replied staring at the hard floor.

"THATS why you dragged me away from my own ball", the king asked shaking from anger. Another thing I forgot to mention the werewolf gets mad over everything.

"Father she had a vision of war", Alan replied, also shaking with anger.

"war? WAR! And tell me son are we in this war?!", ok I've had enough of this how dumb is this mutt. Of course he was in it or else why would he be here!!!

"YES YOU ARE IN IT! THATS WHY YOUR IN HERE! NOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS OR NOT BECAUSE ON THE NEXT FULL MOON EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!", I screamed standing up to my full height. But d*mn I'm in trouble now. No one, and I mean no one has ever gotten away with challenging the werewolf king without a fight.

"OH REALLY YO-", the King began walking towards me only to be stopped by his own son, Alan. But what is he doing?

"Father this isn't the time or place, just listen to what she has to say", Alan cut him off.

"FINE", the King grumbled. Acting like a five year old I see. I really hope he doesn't have a five year old's temper tamtrum. Alan turned around to look pointedly at me and I began to speak.

"I saw Fairies, Werewolves, Vampire, Demons, Angels I saw them all fighting. It seemed to be Fairies, Werewolves, and Angels, against Demons, Vampires, and my parents and sister. But in the beginning of it all I saw werewolves running, and Fairies fighting for their homes, and some Angels praying, others throwing fits, and other doing what they can to help. But in the middle of it I saw me, my brother, and you, Alan."

"What does this mean?", the king asked rubbing his chin thoughtful. It looked really funny, and I couldn't help but let out a small giggle.

"WHATS SO FUNNY", he screamed. Oops....

"Nothing sir", I replied.

"THEN WHY WERE YOU SCREAMING", he screamed again.

"Why are you screaming", I asked changing the subject and also trying to get him to stop screaming, I can't go deaf is they want me to fight in this war.

"I'm not screaming", he replied calmly. Haha see it works. Oh oops no more laughing...Sad sad sad thoughts...Parents. Ok ya im sad.

"Good", I replied my lower lip quivering from thinking of my parents.

"Ok well just go enjoy the ball we'll have a meeting after, we don't want anyone to suspect anything", the king replied thoughtfully, walking out of the room back to the ball.

"Alright come on we have to make our entrance", Alan whispered softly, putting his hand out to help me up. Slapping his hand away I stood up and began to walk out the door, only to realize Alan wasn't following. I turned around only to find him staring at me with a weird look on his face.

"Coming?", I asked softly.

"Yes", he replied taking my hand and leading me out and into the hall. We finally came to a stop outside two very big doors. Why is everything so big around here? *sigh*

"Prince Alan Scott and Princess Saphira", a man announced. My last thought as we began to walk down the stairs?

Here goes nothing.

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