Chapter 9

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Timeskip to the newborn army

Edward, Jake, Alayna and Bella were on the mountain waiting for the night to go by. Edward and Bella were in tent while Jake and Alayna were outside on guard. Jake and Alayna were in the wolf forms walking around. Let's take a look at Jakes thoughts.

Jake POV:

I was walking around listening for anything when I saw Alayna sitting in front of the tent that has Bella and Edward in. She put up her mental mind block so I can't read her thoughts. At least I know she's happy. But what I don't like is that she's getting closer to The leech. She knows I don't like it. But she doesn't care. Then me and her heard Teeth chattering. I heard Alayna sigh and called me over.

"Yeah?" I said phased back. "Go in there and keep Bella warm. Also can you get her to stop the teeth chattering. It's getting annoying." She said. "What about my patrol?" I questioned. "Im taking it. Now go." She said walking off. I sighed and walked in. "Cant sleep with all the Teeth Chattering." I said. I heard Bella shivering. "I shouldve picked a spot lower on the mountain." Leech #3 said. "Really Leech #3?" He said quirking a Eyebrow at me. "1 and 2 Belong to your parents." I said going over to Bella to warm her up. But Leech #3 stopped by putting his hand on my shoulder. "Youre not touching her." He said. "Not my fault if she loses her toes in the morning." I spat back. "Dont f-f-fight." Bella said. Leech #3 let go of me and I went to Bella warmed her up a little to stop her teeth chattering. She fell asleep. "She doesnt know what she feels anymore. Shes confused about what she feels for you." I said. "Yeah Right. She loves me and you know it. How do you think Alayna would feel as your imprint? Huh? Hearing those words?" He tested me. I stayed there silent. "Dont you think You've hurt enough? I thought you were trying to earn her trust back." He said acting smug. "You better take that Smug face off before I do it for you." I threatened. "Seriously though." He started to say. I looked at him. "Stop hurting Alayna already...Shes been through enough." He said.

'Do I love Bella or Alayna?'

In the Morning

Alayna POV:

Jake walked out of the Tent and saw me standing there. "Patrol One last time then we're heading down. Seth is almost here." I said. I heard what happened last. And Honestly Im not surprised. I knew that was going to happen sooner or later. He nodded. Edward walked out after him. "Hey so are you going to ask her soon?" I asked him. "Yeah Shes still sleeping so I'll ask her once she wakes up." He said. "Ok Good Luck." I said waving and running off. I took off Running around the mountain. But Apparently, I was running to fast to notice Seth in front of me. I knocked right into him and tackled both of us to the ground. He was about to snap at me but He saw that it was me. "Chill Seth Its just me." I said Laughing. He let out a Wolf Laugh. "Lets Go. I have to get Jacob then me and him have to go." I said getting on his back. He nodded and He started running up the mountain and We found Jake and Bella yelling at Each Other. 

"Im Done Im so Done." Jake Said. "Jake what can I do? To make you stay?" Bella said sounding desperate. Jake looked at her and shook his head. He turned to walk away but stopped when Bella said something. "Seth Go to Edward." I said. He nodded hesitantly and ran off. 

"Jake Kiss me." Bella said looking down. 'No You are an Engaged Woman.' I thought. "Kiss me Jake." She said again and He Did. My Eyes widened. They went apart. 'Jake Lets go.' I said in the mind telepathy I have with him. His eyes went straight to me and widened. Bella looked at me too and her eyes widened as well. I shook my head in disappointment. 'Hurry up.' I said then walked away. 

Jake and Bella POV: 

'What have I done?'

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