Chapter 17

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Hunters pov
Sweet pea opened the door to his trailer and carried me In "is your knee ok?" He asked kissing my forehead  I nodded innocently and curled up in his arms "are you cold babe?" He asked as my body shook intensely I nod my teeth chattering.

His laugh boomed as my small figure desperately called for his warm figure, he disappeared and returned in sweats before putting the cover over our bodies "can we watch teen wolf??" I asked batting my eyelashes at him. He groaned and leaned over me and grabbed the tv remote.

"What season?"

"6 part B"

My arms slithered around his broad chest and his arms reacted by immediately wrapping around my small waist, I sighed and let my eyes wander over his body as he stared intensely at the tv screen a sigh escaped my lips and I looked away before covering it up with a cough

He chuckled at comment made in the show making his chest move and tickle my side, a giggle escaped my lips and I covered my mouth with my hand "babe what was that?" I itched my side and coughed embarrassed "I'm ticklish"

He gave me and evil smile and sat upright making my eyes widen in fear, I pushed away from him noticing his fingers travel up my legs and hips "BABE" I shouted laughing and gripping onto his hands while thrashing around "say I'm the sexiest guy in the world" I shook my head.

"N-never" with a mighty swing I fell back off the bed landing onto of sweetpea as he came down with me "what an interesting change In positions" I whisper in his ear before biting it slightly, a moan of pleasure escaped sweetpeas lightly chapped lips and a chuckle came from my mouth.

"Sorry babe I just wanna cuddle" I apologise as I pull him on the bed and burrow into his chest.

"Sleep babe" He soothed running his hands through my hair a small groan of acceptance was heard from both us as my scalp was massaged.

Soon enough my eyes fluttered closed and for the first time in a while I could finally sleep.

Just a filler chapter the next will be better trust me!!!

Xoxo Molly!

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