Chapter 7

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"So who are you?" Jake asked. "I'm Athena, Alayna's wolf." She said as Jake looked stunned.


"A-Alayna's wolf?" Jake stuttered. "Yes and let me tell you I'm pissed off with you." She said glaring at him. "What did I do?!?" He asked scared. "Not only do keep going after Bellahoe, but you keep blowing off Alayna even when you know you're supposed to keep your imprint happy and safe." She said glaring down at him. "Imprint?" Jake said shocked. "Yeah and she did a pretty good job doin that for you. She kept you happy for your whole life. And what do you do? Blow her off for that two timing bitch. Bella's been using you to keep herself happy. When are you going to get that through your thick skull?" Athena said. I looked at her in realization. "C-can you bring Alayna Back? Please." I said looking down. "Don't hurt her anymore. She's been through enough." Athena said before she transformed back to Alayna.

"Jake! Are you ok?" She said making me look at her. I looked at her eyes and froze. I just imprinted on Alayna. Paul's going to kill me.


"Jake!" I heard Alayna yell waving her hand in front of my face. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked her. "What do you mean? What did I not tell you?" She said looking at me confused. "That you imprinted on me!" I said grabbing her hands. She sighed. "Athena told you?" She said. I nodded. "Because you thought your imprint was Bella when you and you're dad went to go give Bella her new truck. I knew you felt something but you thought it was Bella. So as you're imprintee I had to make sure my imprint was happy and safe. And you felt exactly that Just not for me. But with Bella instead." She said. "How can I make things up to you? Please I'll do anything." I said grabbing her hand. She tensed up and slipped her hand out of mine and looked at me. "Come with me to the Cullen's party. Alice and Rosalie invited me and they said I can bring one person." She said. "Then I'll go."

Alayna POV:
I looked at him shocked. "You will?" I said. "I told you I would do anything to make it up for you and if it means to go to some leeched party then so be it. What is the party for anyways?" He asked. "It's a Grad party and Bella's birthday party." I said. "Ok we'll go together then." He said. I just nodded slowly like I don't believe him and walked back into the house. Right when I walked into the the foyer part of the house, I felt someone hug me from behind. "I mean it Alayna. I'll go with you if it will help me make it up to you." I heard Jake say. "Then go get ready. We leave soon." I said turning around. He smiled and kissed my cheek. "I won't be long." He said before running out. I shook my head and smiled a little.

'I'm finally getting Jake back.'

Timeskip to the party

Alayna's outfit:

Alayna's outfit:

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Jakes POV:

Me and Alayna walked in the Cullen's house and the first thing we hear is, "Alayna You're here!" Alice said coming down the stairs. "Jake what are you doing here?" Bella said. "Hey Alice Hi Bella." Alayna said greeting them. I looked at Bella and said "I'm with Alayna. She brought me along with her." She nodded. "So are you guys getting along now?" She asked. "We're working on it." I said nodding. "Jake I'm sorry. I didn't know you were ditching her for me. Also why would ditch on her birthday?" Bella asked. "Because Bells, you needed me." I said. "Yeah but if it's your imprints birthday you should probably go to her. Besides i doubt that you even wished her happy birthday." She said. "Wait how did you even know she was my imprint?" I asked her. She was about to respond but we heard.

Bella POV:
"Alice what did you see?" Me and Jake heard from Alayna. We looked and saw Alice zoned out. "Newborn army. We're not going to Seattle. They're coming here." Alice said.

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