Chapter 11

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Y/N's pov:

" Y/N ireona (Wake up) !" Guanlin shouted and shook me vigorously, waking me up from my deep sleep.

" Go away.." I shoved away his face which was dug into the crook of my neck.

" If you don't get up..... I'll kiss you!" He shouted, causing me to sit up right away and run to the bathroom.

We were now at school and it was a free period so I was roaming around the school alone for fun.

At that moment, my phone vibrated. I quickly checked my phone, thinking that it was from one of the boys but to my dismay, it was from my step-mother.


Good news! It's Wednesday again so you have a session today at XXX pub. You better not embarrass me again or you will get it for me!

Does Woojin remember that every Wednesday I'll have to go to the pub?

" Ya! Y/N or whatever your name is, stop right there!" I heard a girl shout.

I turned around and saw a girl with flour all over her face. Go Areum to be exact.

" What do you want?" I replied to her coldly.

" You are the one seducing my oppas right? You slut!" She shouted at slapped me across my right cheek.

" I didn't seduce any of them. " I spat at her.

She smirked and suddenly kneeled in front of me.

" W-What are you doing?" I asked in confusion. I mean who in the right mind would kneel to some random person?

" I'm sorry. Please don't tell me to stay away from them. I just want to be friends. " She cried and rubbed her hands together.

" What?"

She took my hand and slapped her face with it.

" Y/N!" I turned around and to my surprise, it was the boys.

" Y/N why did you do that?" Seongwoo asked in disbelief.

" I-"

" I'm disappointed in you Y/N. I thought you were a special girl... Turns out, you were just like any other girl on the streets. " Jisung said while I was still lost in my own world.

What in the world is happening right now?

" Areum let's go. " Minhyun smiled at Areum.

All the boys looked at me in disappointment and left except for one person. Lee Daehwi.

" Why aren't you leaving?" I tried my best not to stutter and blinked away my tears that were threatening to fall.

" I trust you Y/N. I was also the first one that got to know you and I know you very well Y/N, you wouldn't hurt a fly. " Daehwi chuckled.

" Do I seem like someone who controls people?" I asked him while looking down.

" Of course not! They just don't know you that well. Y/N, you're the best girl I ever met in my life. In fact, you were the first girl I talked to after so many years and you even know my past. " Daehwi put both of his hands on my shoulders and made me look at him. " They can be an ass sometimes. Don't mind them okay? If you got any problem just approach me. " He added.

I nodded my head and gave him a smile. "Thank you Daehwi. You're the best. "

" Anything for you. " He smiled back and embraced me in a tight hug.

" Let's go back to class, shall we? " Daehwi broke the hug and we made our way to class.

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