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"Hey have you seen Justin?" Jessica breathed out quickly to me.

"No, Jess I haven't. Sorry" I replied. I grabbed onto her arm noticing how flustered yet tired she looked "Are you ok Jess?"

"I'm fine" She snapped causing me to take my hand away "I'm sorry, I just really need to talk to him"

"Hey, it's ok" I smiled reaching out to hold her hand "I'll see you later yeah?" She smiled and nodded to me making her way to someone else to question the whereabouts of the boy in the Liberty High basketball jersey.

I caught up to Zach and two of his other friends as we were headed to the same class. He smiled at me putting his arm around my shoulder. I knew he wanted to ask about what happened yesterday but I clearly didn't want to talk about it. Just as we were coming up to the stairs, Zach turned to us saying "Watch this". He walked up behind Clay Jensen and shoved him to the floor.

I gasped turning to Zach "What was that for? He was doing nothing wrong!" I started to make my way to Clay but Zach gabbed into my arm.

"Just leave it, he's a loser anyway" He argued. I yanked my arm out of his hold giving him a glare and making my way towards the boy.

"Hey Clay, are you ok?" I asked helping him to his feet "Sorry about him, he can be a right dick sometimes"

He smiled before answering "It's fine, thanks for coming over though. You should probably go so you're not late" I nodded my head and placed my hand on his arm briefly before walking away. But not before noticing Mr Porter coming over with a tape player in his hand. I sighed to myself realising that he had finally gotten the tapes. Even though what my tape says is a lie, I still don't want people to hear it and get the wrong impression.


I was getting ready for the pep rally, getting into my cheerleading uniform. Jess forced me to join with her as she didn't want to do it on her own. And it will look good for colleges. I was worried for Jess as no one had seen Justin for two days and she was meant to be his cheer escort but thats going to be a little hard if he doesn't turn up. We ran onto the basketball court and performed a quick routine, from the corner of my eye I could see that Jess was struggling to stay in time a little. I'm not surprised considering the lack of sleep that she has had and the rehearsals that she has missed. The principal came onto the podium to do a short speech about Bryce but I didn't bother listening. "Jess, are you feeling ok?"

"I'm fine. Just worried about Justin is all" She answered. I gave her a quick hug before picking up my pom poms.

Everyone started cheering and Bryce started to say this years line up so us cheerleaders got ready to do our cheer escorts. We started a drum roll before the names were announced.

"Willem Barclay" Bryce announced. On of the girls rain froward to do a some forward flips.

"Zach Dempsey" I instantly perked up realising it was my turn. I have only just started so I couldn't do much so I ran and did two round offs. Zach ran in from behind me and once I had done and he had caught up to me so he grabbed me from behind and spun me around in a circle making me giggle loudly. I turned around to see his smiling face, him keeping his arms wrapped around my waist. Our smiles instantly fell when Justin's name was called and he didn't turn up leaving Jessica to feel humiliated. She sprinted off the court and I quickly pulled Zach's arms away from me to catch up with her outside.

"Hey Jess, don't worry about it. I doesn't even matter" I told her trying to comfort her.

"Yeah? Well it does to me" She shouted turning around to face me. I noticed her red eyes and the tears that had started to form in them. I pulled her into a hug letting her cry on the shoulder.

"I know, I know. Hey look, how about we go to Bryce's later and see if he's there? I know the rest of the guys are going round so its worth a try right?" She nodded her head "I'll get Zach to drop us off at mine then we will go round there a little later ok?"

"Thanks Tash. You're literally the best" I smiled at her response squeezing her a little tighter.


Jess and I got changed into our normal clothes and made our way round to Bryce's house heading straight to the guys hang out at the end of the garden. Jess slammed her hand against the blurred door multiple times before low and behold Justin Foley opens the door. Jess instantly becomes angry shoving him back into the room "You're such a fucking asshole!" She yelled at him.

"Come on! Hey!" He should back to try and calm down, it didn't work.

"Why would you do that to me!" She pushed him further into the room. I walked in closing the door behind me. Zach and I made eye contact and I gave him a nervous smile, which he returned. "What did you tell him?!" She shouted still pushing him.

"What did I tell who?" He deflected.

"Mr Porter! What did you tell him yesterday? Why haven't you been at school?" She asked.

"I just needed a day off to chill" He tried to explain but Jess wasn't having any of it. I moved and sat on the arm of the sofa that Zach and Marcus were sitting on, Zach moved his arm to loop round my body.

"The day after you talk to Porter, you need a day off?" She questioned "You're not telling me something!"

"What would I not be telling you!"Justin moved to sit on a chair grabbing his beer.

Jess glanced around the room noticing the awkward faces of Zach, Marcus and I "Clay has the tapes now"

"I know. Don't worry about it" Justin reassured her.

Jess and Justin carried on bickering about Clay and the tapes. I sighed loudly before moving Zach over to sit on the sofa and taking the controller so I could play a game against Marcus.

Word Count: 1105

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