Chapter 1

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Hello my snowflakes! I'm finally updating. :) I have finals this week so it won't be the usual daily uploads. Sorry guys. :'( I figured since today is such a special day, I should upload a chapter for you guys. I had writers block and I was really worried about 1Donlyyou. She's scaring me. I hope she's not leaving. :( I'd die a little on the inside. Umm, but here it is! Hope you like it. :) xx

~Dedicated to Daniella because she's in this story! :) Hope you like it, love! :) xx~


Chapter 1

 “When will you be here?” I asked Niall through the phone. We’d been texting and talking to each other for two months now. It just all seems so surreal. I was really lucky. Just a really lucky fan. 

 “We’ll be there at one. But we have to go to a bakery to order things for a release party so we’ll meet you after school?”

 “Oh yeah, school...” I said tiredly. 


 “It’s nothing. Meet you at...Starbucks at three?” 

“Sounds good, love.” He said and we hung up after that. I smiled a little as I turned around a corner, then walked into my school. It was such a preppy school. I hated it. Even the uniform was preppy. White polo shirt, gray skirt, blue blazer, and striped tie. I always tried to brighten up the look with a cute hat or some jewelry. I looked up at the tall white columns and cold, gray brick walls. I began to walk down the halls slowly, dreading to be here. I sighed and tugged on my gray skirt, pulling it down a bit. Boys checked out every single girl here, since our skirts weren’t exactly the longest. I rolled my eyes as one of the guys made a ‘call me’ motion.

 “Addie!” I heard my best friends yell at me. I looked in the other direction and saw Daniella, Hazel, and Josh. I smiled a little at them and walked over to where they were sitting.

Daniella was tall and athletic, black hair close to her waist. She was truly a beautiful girl. Hazel was also pretty. She had gorgeous hazel eyes which she was named after and flowing brown hair. Josh was one of my best guy friends. We’d been friends since kindergarten. He always had my back. He was like my brother. He had a nice smile, brown hair, and blue eyes. He was the kind of guy girls would swoon over. He always ignored them though. I always wondered why, I mean, he deserved a nice girl. All my friends were loud, never afraid to speak what’s on their mind and made themselves known all around the school. I sometimes wonder how we became friends because I was totally different. I blended in with everyone else; there was nothing about me that stood out. Oh, well, except the fact that I had Niall Horan’s number. Niall and I had talked mainly through the phone and DMs so no fans would hate on me or beg me for his number. He really was a sweet guy.

“Goldilocks!” Hazel squealed and I rolled my eyes and her embarrassing nickname for me. I got the name because of my blond hair obviously.

“Soooo, I heard you got Mr. Horan’s number?” Daniella said, sending puppy dog eyes my way and I scoffed. 

 “Sorry, love. Mr. Horan doesn’t want his number leaking out. He actually trusts me.” I poked her nose. 

 "BUT HE'S MY BABY DADDY!" She groaned at my stubbornness and I laughed, messing up her hair a bit.

 “You guys wanna hang out later? Like at the mall or something?" Josh asked. 

"Whoa, Josh wants to go to the mall and we didn't have to drag him along with us..You feeling all right?" I asked, surprised. 

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