27. Again

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THE kiss from yesterday was still playing inside her head while Jihae was making breakfast. She couldn't help but blush every time she thought of the moment even if it was for a few seconds.

Yesterday, right after she ran inside the house, she kinda regretted pushing him. It was so sudden that she was unable to think straight and pushed him as a reflex.

After the sudden kiss, Jungkook went to sleep in his own room and she thought maybe because he was embarrassed to face her, but little did she know the real reason behind it.

"Maybe Jimin was right. He likes me." A wide smile formed across her face only by thinking about it.

Noises were heard outside the kitchen. She walked to the door and peeked outside only to find him about to leave the house. "Where are you going?" she asked him and he turned to her.

"Work," he said, avoiding her said. "B-But work starts from next week," she said only to receive a glare from him.

"I don't need your permission to go anywhere," he said rudely before dashing out of the house.

"What about breakfast?" she asked but he was already gone after slamming the door. She sighed, "Rude Jungkook is back." She shrugged it off since it was already normal for her.

After she ate both of their foods, she walked upstairs with a full tummy. "I ate too much." She rubbed her stomach and sat on the bed. "Does he really like me?" she asked to herself, wondering if he really does.

And she started recalling the moments they spent together for almost an hour, but she didn't get the answer. "This way I'll get fat." She stood up and decided to go for a walk.

She walked downstairs and tried to open the door but the door was locked. So she walked back to her room to search for the key but she didn't find it anywhere.

"I'm sure I kept it here." She searched in the drawer again but still couldn't find it.

Finally, she gave up and decided to call her husband, "Jungkook, I'm locked inside the house. Did you see my keys?" she asked as soon as he answered the call.

"I took your keys," he said from the other line.

"WHAT? WHY?" she shouted at him.

"So that you won't leave the house," he said. "Why?" she asked in disbelief.

"Just stay inside the house. It's dangerous for you to go out," he said and hung up the call. "What?" she asked but the line already disconnected.

Jihae kicked the air. "JEON JERK," she shouted in frustration and harshly threw the phone away.

"NOOO," she shouted, and luckily it landed on the bed.

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