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Mary's POV

Me and Ethan have been best friends for about 3 months already. He begged me to be his best girl again so I accepted and we're happy .

He's been handling his anxiety well . It's almost as it he didn't have it .

He is literally the best. He always asks for me to sing for him . After I sang that one Michael Jackson song he got addicted to it . He relates to it so much . It literally speaks to him . He always cries when it's on . Every time it plays he turns to me and takes a hold of my hand.

I always sing along to it . It's a song that has left a mark on us and forever will especially on him no doubt about it .

And right now I'm singing it to him while on the way to the hoods of New Jersey. I want to show him something that's special to me .

As we're walking he's really all up on me scared that somethings gonna happen to me . It's so funny that he doesn't know his best friend once lived here .

"I'm worried." He whispered to me .

"Don't be ." I laughed.

I stopped singing as we kept walking through the hood .

"I've never been in this environment in my life . Bad people live here . I don't want nothing to happen to you ." He said and held me closer to him .

I noticed ms.watt outside of her porch smoking a cigarette listening to Stevie wonder. I quickly get out of Ethan's grip and run over to her .

"It's been a while ms.Watt how's it been ." I said to her .

"Oh my god ! M it's been a while . Everything is going as usual no money just stress ."she said then gave me a hug.

I reached into my wallet pulled out 500 dollars and handed them to her .

"Oh M ! You're literally the best young woman ever . We miss you and your folks . How have they been ." She said .

"They're flying high ms.watt ." I said with a soft smile .

"I'm so sorry M they were the sweetest people ever . I'm glad you made it out of here . You've stuck with faith and stayed humble." She smiled.

"Hey I was taught from the best . Well it was nice to see you ms.watt I have to go my friend is waiting for me ." I said pointing to Ethan looking More lost than ever . I gave her one last hug.

I walked back to a very confused Ethan .

"Mary what the fuck . How do you know that lady ." He said .

"Well Ethan Mr.very rich boy. I didn't always have money like I do now . I grew up on these streets. I just trained myself to talk proper. I used to sound like a girl from the streets . I know so much slang i just never told anyone since I moved to the city when I was starting high school. I just hope you don't drop me for being a girl that was once not financially stable ." I said to him .

"I would never , that doesn't define you . You're still my best friend." He hugged me .

"Damn M! How you been !" I heard trey songz call out .

"T ? Nah that can't be you ! The T I know had braces and was ugly as fuck , but he was still my best bro ."I said not believing that he had a full blown glow up .

"Ahh! Yeah do me like that M . I fucking missed you baby M ." He said in a friendly way .

"I'm missed you too baby T ."I said giving him a hug . We rocked side to side as we hugged .

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