EXO funtime

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Alex's POV

"Yes, I'm VIP, Exo here I come"-Alex


"Hey, pretty girl, what's your name?"-?????

"Who was that"-Alex

I turned around and saw the magneficent, cute face of the one and Only Luhan.

"Ummmmmm..........Hello Oppa, Alex-imnida"-Alex

"Are you the VIP. Come hangout with us after the concert (XOXO is the next and last to be performed)"-Luhan


"See you later"-Luhan


After the concert

I'm inside the EXO van, we are going to their dorm. They want me to stay there for a week. We arrived at the dorm on 4:38 PM.

A few minutes later

"I'm booorrrreeeedd"-Chen

"Then go have some fun"- Suho

"Except for Pranking though"-Sehun

"Gosh Sehunnnnnsshhiiiii, you're no fun. There's nothing else to do"-Chen

"*walks in* Guys let's play truth or dare"-Chanyeol

"Waeyo? are you bored too"-D.O

"Nne, waeyo?"-Chanyeol

"Nothing, everybody let's play truth or dare"-D.O

Everybody rans in the living room, Luhan stopped playing his Rubics cube, Lay stopped staring on my Shirt.(A/N, The shirt has a Unicorn, a Panda, and an Owl picture with a galaxy background.) and Baekhyun stopped playing Video Games, as of the other's are laying around doing nothing.

"Who goes first"-Chanyeol

"Me, of course"-Chen

He spinned the bottle and it landed on Baekhyun.......


"I dare you to kiss Chan's tip, and by tip I mean his member's tip"-Chen

"I saw this coming"-Xiumin

"Of course you saw it coming, he's the Troll"-Kai

"Uhhhmmm...... if it's okay with Chan"-Baek

"If Chanyeol says no you need to fuck Alex right in front of us"-Chen

"Why me?"-Alex

"Cause you're the only girl, and you're pretty"-Luhan

"Okay stop it, that is to gross, I will let him do it, just for now"-Chan

"Is it okay for you to see, Alex"-Tao

"I don't really care"-Alex

"*everbody smirked a bit except for Tao*Okay"-Tao

Baekhyun unzips Chanyeols pants, grabbed his member and kissed it gently.

"*whispers to Tao* aren't you guys grossed about this"-Alex

"*whispered back*just a bit, we are already used seeing each other's dicks, we often shower together"-Tao

"Oh so the rumors are true, okay....."-Alex

"Your turn Baek"-Suho

"Spin it already"- D.O

The bottle landed on me

"Truth"- Alex

"Who is your first bias up to 12"-Baek

"Luhan, Kris, Tao, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Lay, Xiumin, Suho, Sehun, Chen, D.O and Kai. Mianhe...... Kai Oppa-_-"-Alex

You could see the members Blushing.

"Nah, It's okay, you are not the only Jongin Fan in the whole world"-Kai

"TY, Oppa"-Alex

A few minutes later, the dares are getting really exagerated.


"I dare you to make each one of us cum"- Luhan

"Nani? Anatawa Baka desu ne!!!!"-Alex


"She said 'What? Are you stupid!!!!!', and yeah are you stupid?"-Kris

"Is it okay for you Alex"-Xiumin

"You don't have to do that Alex"-Tao

"It's okay for me, if anyone insists"-Alex

"Well I insist"-Suho

"Well okay, whom should I start with?"-Alex

"Luhan!!!"-Exo members except for Luhan

"According to your Exo member ratings"- Lay

"Okay"- Elle

I leaned closer to Luhan as I unzip his pants, I pulled his boxer down and started to suck on his enormous member. I sucked his member gently.

"I'm gonna cum, Alex"-Luhan

I continued to suck on his throbbing member. Then he came and I drank it. Same goes to the other members. Everyone stripped right in front of me and Luhan undressed me for he is the first one who got sucked on and he is already naked.
As I was sucking Kai's dick, Luhan entered me and fucked me like there is no tomorrow. Everyone taked turns plunging in me hard. The boys that fucked me the best are Luhan, Tao, Kris, Chanyeol Kai and Sehun, their members are so big, it feels so tight, I don't want to stop..... We can do this all year ..... We all came and layed down the floor. I did Threesome to all the boys this week. The first day is all of them, second are Taoris, then Hunhan, Chanbaek, Xiuchen, Kaisoo and lastly Sulay, The guys put their numbers in my phone, in case they need me next time.

That is all for today, Hope you guys like it and I will read you next time.(Got it, read you next time, cause I can't see you guys. HAHAHAHAHAAHHA......Okay..... I should stop makin pun jokes, I'm not funny.) But that is it for today guys pls Vote, Share and Comment.

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