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Ruby Ray

"Hey, are you okay?" I heard a distant voice, making me turn my head towards the owner of the voice. I couldn't make out the face but the person was leaning close.

Squinting my eyes, I tried to get a good look of the person who was talking to me. A concerned large warm hands rested on my shoulders, steadying me.

I wasn't able to make out the person's face, it was still all blurry and vague. How much did I drink? And to say, it was my first time drinking.

My head was spinning and so was the room I was in. I knew it was a bad idea to agree with Dustin, my cousin cum best friend, to attend this party but I still caved into his pestering because I had my own reasons.

Dustin was no where in sight and was likely to be shoving his tongue down some guy's throat. His flirty ways would someday get him in trouble. He was such a playboy.

I needed to find him and get back home before mum found out I sneaked out. I pushed the hands away from my shoulders and took a step forward but stumbled a little. Large warm hands were instantly around my waist, saving me from the fall.

"Woah, calm down, Kitten." The voice sounded clearer and more closer. A masculine chuckle reached my ears.

If I was sober I would have scrunched my nose in disgust at the stupid pet name he had addressed me with, if I was sober.

I grumbled something incoherent to the stranger which didn't make sense even to me. The next few minutes were a blur and the next thing I know I was kissing the guy.

It was my first ever kiss.

Why was I kissing a complete stranger? Who was the guy? What was happening?

Everything was hazy, my emotions all over the place. His lips were moving on mine expertly and I didn't even remember how long it lasted until I no longer felt his warm, wet lips on mine.

"My name is..."

I woke up with a jolt when my alarm went off, successfully bringing me back to reality. Groggily, I reached my arm over to tap the top of the alarm clock to make it stop.

Pushing the covers away from me, I sat up on the bed. Yawning, I stretched my arms, pushing my chest forward before slouching on the bed. Rubbing my eyes sleepily, I tried to get rid of any remnants of my sleepiness.

Another yawned escaped from me. My mind recollecting whatever dream I had dreamt of before my alarm had awoken me up.

It was the same dream. I wasn't even sure whether my dream was a reality or a figment of my imagination. I couldn't distinguished if the incident in my dream was what had actually happened in the party- and also my last party, a year ago or it was just my mind conjuring up moments, messing with the blank night that I had no memory.

One main reason to steer clear of alcohol because the next morning after my drinking speech, I was at home, in my bed ang Grounded for a week.

Dustin had no idea who had driven me home. He didn't even notice my absence from the party, for which he apologised profusely and still hold it against himself, till today. Since that day, he'd be extra careful and protective of me.

Mama had no clue who had driven me home either. She recounted that the doorbell rang in the middle of the night and by the time she got to the door, there was no one expect me, half asleep, hardly carrying myself straight- for which I got an earful from her.

"Honey, you awake?" I heard a knock on my door, followed by my mother's voice.

"Yes." I yelled.

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