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     Another day passed, and the rivalry between Northside and Southside never lessened. In fact, the fight from the night before seemed to have escalated things. Southsiders were constantly scheming; without an efficient leader, chaos threatened to erupt at every corner. And Maxine found herself slap dab in the middle of it at the worst possible time.

     She had returned back to the trailer park with Jughead. They were supposed to work on homework together, until all Jug could talk about was the escalation of violence. He wanted to keep the peace for the sake of his Northside friends and making his father proud. However, world peace was beyond impossible. Especially when Jughead was still seen as a Northsider himself. 

     Max laid on his couch, throwing her phone in the air and catching it repeatedly. She waited for Jughead to come back to the living room and pull out his textbooks, but instead, he walked out of the kitchen with a leather jacket on. The Serpent jacket. Max threw her phone one last time but forgot to catch it as she was so shocked by the sudden turn of events. The Iphone landed on the bridge of her nose perfectly, followed by a loud groan of pain.

    Rubbing her nose and sitting up, Max turned to her best friend. "What the hell does this mean?"

     Jughead stared at her before exhaling loudly, "It's time for a change. C'mon, let's go."

   "Go? Go where? We literally just got here!" Max sat up and grabbed her coat, following him out the door.


     When arriving at the Whyte Wyrm, Max almost refused to step foot inside. She wasn't even wearing a Serpent jacket and she was sure that no one knew who she was. Sure they knew her mom, but even Sweet Pea and Toni had no idea who Mona's daughter was until her little scene at lunch the other day.

     "I-I don't know Jug... Maybe I should just wait out here? I mean-"

     She was cut off mid sentence by Jughead pushing her from behind and through the doors. The smell of alcohol and cheap cologne hit her nose instantly, taking her back a bit.

     When entering into the actual den of the Whyte Wyrm, Max felt her body tense up. Everyone was staring; at Jug, and at her. The black leathered skin sported by Jughead was the center of attention, however. Whispers traveled left and right and glances danced to and from the boy and girl.

     "I think this Northsider's lost." Sweet Pea's familiar voice echoed between the walls.

     Max popped her head out from behind Jughead's lanky build, "Who? Me? Because, yeah, I am pretty lo-"

     Jughead turned around and slapped a hand over Max's mouth, mentally begging her to be quiet. She caught on to his facial expression and nodded, allowing him to remove his hand and walk down the stairs.

     "I'm not. I'm over being half a Serpent." He answered.

      Sweet Pea moved closer to Jughead, even bumping shoulders with him, and glancing over at Max more than he should have. She gave the tall kid a small smile though he struggled to open up and return the favor. Tall Boy and Jughead bickered back and forth for a bit. Something about an initiation was heard, but Max paid no attention. She was too busy trying not to drool over Sweet Pea's rad pool playing and the occasional muscle that desperately wanted to pop through his shirt. When did he get so attractive?

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