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I stand in front of a shiny black casket watching as it slowly gets lowered into the ground. I watch numbly as cries from members mix in with the hard rain that's falling from the dark gloomy sky.

Maria stood on the opposite side of the casket silently crying clinging onto Eros who looks devastated. They are going to miss their friend, she was the closest thing they had to my father and now she is gone taking the memory of my dad with her.

Elizabeth came forward out the crowd with Elijah in hand, picking up some of the dirt removed from the ground and walked over and threw it over the casket as it just finished being lowered in the ground.

Elizabeth locked eyes with me sending a silent message. Closing my eyes a stray tears slipped as I walked out from the umbrella and away from Kaden's warmth.

I felt all eyes on me as I stepped out into the rain washing my tears with it. Slowly I began my small walk to the casket having my heart drop every step I take.

I came to the stop at the dirt that is covered by a small roof and scope some into my hand. I went to throw the dirt onto the casket but stopped as I just stared down into the hole that has my beloved mother. I can't seem to the let the dirt go, because I knew the moment I let go is the moment I know she is really gone and is never going to come back.

As I stand there getting soaked by the rain a hand on my shoulder cased me to turn around. There stood Maria with a small smile, she didn't say anything instead she gave me a look, a motherly look.

I took her reassurance and turned back around, I hesitated at first but nonetheless I let go as tears were now streaming down my face. I gave Maria a strong smile before walking through the crowd making my way back to the pack house.

I felt Kaden behind me giving me some distance as I finally made my way inside. I didn't waste anytime and went upstairs to my room leaving the door open seeing as Kaden was to come any second now.

I stripped out of my drenched clothes making my way to the bathroom and turning on the hot water.

I am soon under the hot water eyes closed until I feel his comforting presence. Arms snake around my waist pulling me back into a hard chest. I tilt my head back on his shoulder as water splash my face.

"I love you." He suddenly said.

Turning around in his arms I wrap my arms around his neck and stare into his eyes.

"I love you too." With that his lips crash on mine having my mind go blank which is what I need right now.

Pulling away he pulls me closer to him burying his head in the crook of my neck and spoke words that put my mind to ease.

"Your everything I need and more."
A couple days has passed since the funeral and everyone is down, the house is quiet even with a the few extra bodies from Kaden's pack.

The day of the battle everyone loss someone dear to them, the numbers from each pack has went down. Everyone has a scar from this battle and it's slowly healing as each day passes.

A twig snaps to my left and I'm on instant alert as I snap my head at the threat. My body slowly relaxes as I seen it's just Elizabeth. I look back to the lake feeling Elizabeth stand by me.

There is a silence between us as we just stare at the water that has a soft orange reflection from the sunset.

"She'd be proud." I turn my head to Elizabeth as she spoke, "how strong you have been holding up since her death."

I only nodded

Soon my eyebrows furrowed as I thought, "What am I suppose to do now?"

Elizabeth laughed, "Anything you want to do, you can join Kaden's pack and officially become's all up to you."

I thought about her idea which did not sound bad at all, "What would happen to you all?" I asked referring to the my mom's pack.

She sighed before picking up a rock and skipping it on the water, "We will become rogues, without a Alpha we are not a pack."

My heart sank as the thought of my family's pack becoming rogues. My mom would not want this, she'd want me to become alpha and lead these people who is scared just as much as me.

"Can I ask you something." I asked.

"Sure, anything."

I hesitated for a moment before finally asking, "what am I?"

Elizabeth hummed in response skipping another rock across the water.

"Well like you heard before there are four  guardians but I bet no one told you about the fifth one."

I remember my mom telling me something about a fifth one but said it was just a myth.

"They say the fifth guardian is something between good and evil, he/she is neither good or bad just balanced. Their powers are expected to be life and death which means they can either grant a life or take a life." She spoke now looking at me with amusement as she sees my eyes widen from the information.

"I have been hearing a lot about your wings Athena and I have no doubt that you are the fifth guardian which means your superior over every supernatural.... you truly are legendary."

She finished before silence is between us once again as now the sun is slowly slipping away behind the water.

"So....what do you know about combining packs?"
After my talk with Elizabeth I had a mission to look for Kaden but I had to ask a few others before actually finding him.

I emerged out from the trees immediately spotting him standing in front of the house he use to call home. Now the house is burnt badly standing on its last leg as it looked like it was about to fall taking its memories with along with it.

I stood beside him and stared at the mess just enjoying the silence. I felt his hand take mine combing out hands as one.


He hummed in response

"When you said I have a choice to choose between my pack and your pack...did you mean it?"

My words made him turn to me with serious written all over it, "Yes"

I am still facing what use to be a house as Kaden stared at me waiting for me to respond.

"Well, I have decided to choose neither because I want to combine the packs." I continue to stare at the house not wanting to see his reaction.

After a few long minutes he breathes out deeply, "Okay".

My head snaps to him surprised, "Okay?"

He smiles, "It makes sense besides after what we all been through I say we all work well together....and I know your mom would of wanted it."

I closed my eyes and smiled as I am embraced into a hug. We stood here wrapped up in each other.

I turned my head to the house with a question on my tongue.

"What do we do now?".

There is a moment of silence


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