Chapter 6

*Hailey’s POV*

“Kelse would you be my girlfriend? You don’t have to but I’m-” She cut him off by giving him a kiss.

“I’m taking that as a yes.” Niall said in between breathes .

“Duh!!!!!” Zayn yelled.

She just laughed. “Ye Ni that’s a yes.”

“Wahoo!!!!!! I’m going to celebrate with a carrot.” Louis said chomping down on his carrot.

“Nah lets go to Nando’s.” Harry said.

“Yes!!!!!” Chelsea and I yelled jumping up and running out to the van.

“The guys are probably wondering what the hell just happened.” Chelsea said laughing.

“Haha ya. Oh here come our boyfriends.” I said. I still couldn’t believe that Harry had asked me to be his girlfriend.

“Oh. I gotta text Lauren and tell her to meet us at Nando’s.” Chelsea said whipping out her iPhone 4s. She had the white one were as I had the boring old black one.

“Oh heck to the ya. You know what we have to do right?” I asked just as Harry, Niall, and Zayn climbed in.

“What do you have to do loves?” Zayn asked climbing into the seat next to me.

“Oh nothing.” Chelsea sing songed. That’s how I know she knows exactly what I was talking about. By then every one was in the van on the way to Nando’s.

“Hey, Ni. You remember Lauren McMillen right?” Chelsea asked him.

“We meet her on our road trip to Bradford right?” He asked. Zayn light up at the sound of his home town.

“Ya. She’s going to meet us at Nando’s if that’s ok.” Chelsea asked him. Chelsea and I need to let Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall in on this.

“Ya its fine. I haven’ seen her in two years.” He said.

I sent Chelsea a text asking if she could text Liam and Harry about our plan and if I could have Louis’ number.

Almost immediately after we texted 4/5 of one direction, we got replies back all saying “totally”.

Lauren had been crushing on Zayn for years.

When we finally got to Nando’s I was attacked by Lauren.

“HAILEY!!!!!” I saw a flash of blonde hair before I was attacked in a hug from my best friend.

“Uh.” I said in surprise. She tackled me in a hug and I ended up in Harry’s arms. I only knew it was him because I could feel sparks.

" Hey Harry." Lauren said giving him a hug.

" Hey! What am I? Chopped liver?" Chelsea said.

" Vas Happenin?" Lauren said. Zayn looked hurt that she used his catch frase while he was standing right there.

" Haha. Nutten. Just hangin out with Hais  , her boyfriend, my boyfriend, and Zayn, Louis, and Liam.Vas  happenin with you?" that's when she noticed that Niall and Chelsea were holding hands as were Harry and I

"Wait when did this all happen?" she asked confused.

" Eh about 4-5 hours ago." Zayn said.



The minute Hailey  stepped out of the car she was attacked. Harry jumped out right after her just to make sure she didn't fall. That's when I noticed her. She was about 5"7' had shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes.

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