Chapter 23

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We sit around Papa's bed, just waiting patiently for everyone to get settled and the nurse to leave so he can tell us how his surgery went.

Mike's fidgeting as he sits between Kellin and I. I don't know why Papa insisted that Kellin come. He's not his son. He has no right to be here.

I'm not talking to Kellin and I'm avoiding him. I feel like I should go back to Jaime and Jenna's but with everything going on, it's too much to even think about.

"How are you doing, Kell? I feel like its been forever?" Papa asks, sitting up slightly.

The bandage around his head makes me sick and I can tell he's in pain but Papa being Papa, he's trying to hide it.

"I'm holding up. Just trying to focus on the girls at the moment." Kellin smiles. I can see the pain in his eyes and he looks horribly tired. It's hurts me that he's hurting but he's not important right now. This is about Papa.

"You are a great father." Papa says softly.

"Thanks Papa." Kellin smiles.

"Who's with the kids now?" he asks confused.

"Tony." Mike says softly.

"Why isn't he here?" Papa frowns.

He seems a little dazed and confused. He's probably tired and on pain meds.

"Because you wanted to talk to us, about your results." I remind him.

"Oh we don't need to talk about that." he smiles waving his hand dismissively.

Mama leans over and places her hand over his.

"No, Victor, you need to tell them." she says softly. She sounds upset which scares me.

He looks at her and seems apprehensive but nods anyway.

He turns back to us and looks between us.

"I have a tumor." he says softly. "They cut most of it out but it had already spread to critical structures. There's nothing more they can do."

"But you'll be okay, right Papa?" Mike asks.

My mom lets out a small sob which makes me look at her. She's shaking and her eyes are filled with tears. That's enough to answer Mike's question.

"How long?" I ask shakily, a sick feeling pooling in my stomach.

"Not very long." he says softly.

"They said six months, Dear." Mama says softly.

"They're exaggerating." he says.

Mike chokes out a sob and I want to cry too but I need to make sure my baby brother is okay. I wrap my arms around the taller boy and he cries into my shoulder.

"Michael, it's okay. It's going to okay." Papa says softly.

Mike just continues to cry so I rub his back gently.

I glance at Kellin who had his jaw clenched and he's obviously pushing back tears.

"I would love to see the girls." Papa says smiling. "I'm getting my affairs in order tomorrow but anytime after that is good. And Mike, bring Tony. I miss that sweet boy."

Mike pulls away from me and nods. He stifles his sobs and takes Papa's hand.

"How are you feeling, Pops?" Mike sniffs.

"Tired. Just very tired, my boy. But I'm happy." Papa nods.

"We should let you rest." Kellin whispers, standing up.

"Could I speak to Vic alone for a minute before you leave?" he says.

"Of course." I whisper.

I stay seated while everyone says their goodbyes. I'm anxious as to what this conversation will entail. I just found out my dad's going to die. What more needs to be said?

Once everyone's gone, I move my chair closer to his bed and take his frail hand.

"What is it, Papa?" I ask softly.

"You're making a huge mistake." he tells me and I frown confused.

"What do you mean?"

"You've loved Kellin since you were sixteen years old. Don't throw that away." he tells me.

I sigh and run my fingers through my hair.

"Papa that's not important right now." I murmur.

"It is. Love is the most important thing in the world. Marriage is hard. You have to work for it, fight for it. It's worth it in the end, Mijo. I've seen how happy he makes you. You need him and he needs you too. Sort out your problems, don't just give up." He tells me.

"How can you be worrying about that right now? You're going to die, Papa. My relationship with Kellin is insignificant right now." I tell him, my voice cracking as tears begin falling from my eyes.

"Death is a normal thing, Vic. It's my time. I'm okay with that. You don't need to be upset. I'm old, I lived a long and happy life. I met a beautiful woman, had a family with her then watched my children grow up and do the same. I'm content. My only concern is that you and Kellin are going to do something you'll regret. Your mother and I had a really rough patch not long before you were born. In fact, it was probably you that saved our marriage. I know when I'm on my deathbed, I'm not going to have a single regret because your mother and I didn't let that get the best of us. And when I die, I'm going to have her right by my side. Just think about it, Vic." he explains.

His words hit me hard. I don't want us to make a decision we'll regret.

"Yeah, okay Papa. I'll try." I whisper.

"That's all I can ask." he smiles softly.

I wipe my tears from my face then take Papa's hand again.

"I know you have the weight of the world on your shoulders at the moment, but can you do me a favor?" he asks.

"Yeah Papa, what is it?" I sniff.

"Look after your mother for me after I go. She's a strong woman and I know she can handle herself but if she needs anything, just be there for her." he tells me.

"Of course I will, Papa." I nod.

"I love you, son." he smiles.

"I love you too." I sniff.

"Can you tell Mike to come see me tomorrow?" he asks.

"Of course." I nod.

I give Papa one last tight hug before I leave the room. I find Kellin waiting for me.

"Hey, you okay?" he asks softly. He's obviously been crying but that's not important to me right now.

"What do you think?" I mutter.

"I'll give you a lift home." he offers.

"No, I just want to be alone." I mumble.

"I don't want you driving while you're like this." he says sounding worried.

"Then I'll walk." I mutter storming off.

"Vic, just let me help you." Kellin pleads, following me.

I stop and turn around.

"I don't need your help, Kellin! I don't need you, so fuck off!" I yell.

"I need you." he whispers softly.

I sigh and rub my temple gently.

"I need to be alone." I murmur, storming off again, this time he doesn't follow me.

Perhaps the fact that Kellin makes me happy is part of the reason why I can't stand to be around him. My son is in a coma and my father is dying, it would be wrong of me to be happy.


It's midday and I'm going back to sleep.

Also please don't hate me. I love youuu.

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