Chapter Fourteen Attacked

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AN: Hey it has gotten a bit harder to write in 3rd person as of recent so I think I will switch it to first hope you don't mind! Also my writing has gotten a bit random in when I can release new chapters and that is for the fact that I am currently working!

Thank you for understanding!


"Okay" I said deciding that asking anymore questions would not have been best so I sat quietly on my 'arm'chair. 

The male was being obnoxious when I decided to slowly float away from the little disaster that he happened to be. I had heard the commands given for him to be released but little did I know is what would happen next. 

An explosion sounded behind me as I was thrown off my seat and slammed into the wall, all of my air was taken from my body as I felt my rib crack from within me. I watched as the mask fell from Tomura's face everyone was in complete and utter shock. "Fuck" my voice sounded as I sat up right. 

I could see as the blondies eyes snapped to me and I glared at him best as I could. He scoffed and began talking with Tomura. I got up dusted off my butt and walked behind the counter of the bar. I leaned my arms on top of it waiting to see if there would be any fighting. Soon after a while I could hear a knock sound on the door as a chill ran down my spine. "Don't open it" 

Much to my disappointment they did as the guest revealed themselves as the pizza man. Before anything else could be uttered I ran upstairs. Don't get me wrong I am not a pussy I simply just known when to listen to my instincts and nothing was coming through more then the will to run. 

The building shook and I had to grab the stair in front of me to not hit my face against it. I began slowly going down the stairs where I could see a head of blonde hair not belonging to the little punk from before but instead of a pro hero.  

After a couple of minutes of wait for a fight or anything to happen other then talking when it did I suddenly fell through the floor again except it wasn't Kurogiri's portal it was different. Darker. I fell down and couldn't see what was going on until I hit a rough surface. 

"You are essential to his plan" I sighed getting fairly annoyed that at no point in my life was I going to receive a good day. 

"Who's?" I sighed out standing up in the dark. 

After a while of waiting and no response I took off my mask "shit" I said plopping down onto the flat ground. It was too dark to move around in and screaming would be more of an annoyance to me than to whoever the voice belonged to. So it was worthless. 

I clicked my tongue against my dry mouth and cursed myself for not drinking water while I was still at the bar. "Get up (y/n)" I said in an off voice with my right hand acting as a mouth. 

"And why should I" I said to myself realizing I was crazy. 

"Because you don't need to be lazy in a life threatening situation. And!! Just imagine Dumbass Dabi acting as a damsel in distress-" I coughed at myself " And I am officially nuts" 

A door opened far away from where I currently was and A white light pored into the room with a shadow blocking some of the light. "Called it, you like" 

Knowing who it is I immediately cussed at him "Go back to whatever hole you came from"

"I came from a hole just to go into yours." I rolled my eyes as the shadow walked closer offering a hand up I accepted and was met with the strong chest of a certain zombie. "You're freezing" at the same time of him saying this his arms wrapped around my arms and he sent warmth throughout my entire body. 

At first I was awkward but I soon readjusted and I could feel his shoulders lowering from their on edge stance. I don't know exactly when it happened but I do remember the feeling of waking up to someones skin pressed against my back and feel as though I only had a bra and underwear on.  It made my cheeks go aflame and I turned to look at the man who I knew was holding me. 

His hair slightly touched his eyelashes and anytime something in his dream would happen his eyes would twitch. I looked around and tried to understand where I was. It was a little different from where we had stayed before it smelled only of him. It was dark still so I was unable to see much but I could see it was a one room apartment building. It must be his. 

Instead of getting and checking the room I checked out the handsome man laying in front of me. "So much cuter when asleep" I quietly said.  He groaned a bit and pulled my cold body into the curve of his own. I rested my arm on his side and on instinct rubbed small circles into the soft skin located there. 

I kissed his cheek before sitting up and walking over to the sink and pouring myself a glass of water. The entire place seemed to be fairly okay in cleanliness so it wasn't much of a bother. 

I sat down at the small two person table and drank my water looking around. The sun was coming up and a small streak of light made its way into the small apartment. Crossing my legs I placed my nearly empty cup of water down and grabbing an open book. It was the shining and it was only a few pages in. 

Reading I bit I realized at least the beginning was about a man hurting his son. I placed the book down and ran my hands through my hair. I would have to wait for the male who was currently laying in only boxers to wake. I didn't mind, my eyes were devouring the entirety of his V and muscles that made me thirst for a bite. 

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