Your Guardian Angel

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1: Te Siento...

The music bounced around my moving body as the beat pulsated from in my veins. The air smelled of sweat and sex, while the scene was of a full club with dancing people as the lights continuously flickered and faded overhead. The DJ was currently playing "Can't Stop the Rain" by Cascada.

I swayed my hips to the beat, which made my short red plaid skirt sway and revolve around my upper thighs. My long jet black hair twirled around my head like a mini tornado. My eyes were closed but I could feel the heavy breathing of everyone surrounding me, I could smell their sweating bodies bounce against each other, and in that moment I felt free and alive.

Then from behind me this guy comes and pulls me to him so that we can dance together. I giggled at his furiousness while he chuckled to himself softly. As he placed a hand on my exposed belly, I placed a hand on the back of his long and beautiful neck to tie us together.

We grinded to each other with the rhythm of the song, at times I low moan would escape his lips and I would smile in satisfactory. His grip tightened and I would let out a small giggle.

His fingers were warm as they lingered on my belly sending electricity through the length of my spin, and I arched my back into him.

As the speed of the beat slowed so did our grinding, then the music blasted full on and we started with the grinding...again. This time when he moaned it was loud enough for the others closest to us to hear, and I could feel the bulge grow with every second.

The song bounced out and we broke apart, as another techno song started. I didn't know what song it was but the beat was hype.

I was turning around to see the guy who I was dancing with when I accidentally rammed my shoulder into him.

I looked at him but I was actually looking at his chest, his muscled chest. My eyes crept up to his and when they meant there was this glint in his.

He was stupendously tall. He had these pale blue piercing eyes and dirty blonde hair, his beautiful cherry lips, were brought up into a cocky smile that exposed his pearly white teeth. His tall physique was stacked with muscles that ripped through his white shirt. He had a leather jacket on that and he had dark jeans with black boots under them.

I felt his eyes rake over me with my black small tight camisole, that exposed my belly to him and it was able to see my tattoo that sprouted from my right hip, the mini red plaid skirt began just right on my bikini line and ended just about mid thigh, my lace black thong showed from how low my skirt was, and my over-the-knee leather boots completed the look.

"So I assume you enjoyed or little dance, huh?" I asked referring to his moans.

"Oh..." he began, and started scratching the back of his neck. He looked so cute and adorable. "...yeah, you can say that." He said looking at his shoes then at me, and plastering that heart-stopping grin of his.

The lights of the disco bounced all around us and then finally to land on us, and leave with the beat of the song that carried its way around us. When the song finished the lights died out and began with its next song which was my ultimate favorite song. Te Siento by Wisin y Yandel played.

I heard Veronica squeal as she called my name.

"Over here babe," I said as she finally reached us. She looked at Mister Hottie and then at me. She raised her eyebrows and nodded to the crowded dance floor. I smiled and followed her leaving him behind. Veronica and I started dancing with each other and singing to the Spanish lyrics. We danced our souls out in this song. We laughed and a whole lot of guys watched as we finished by twirling each other around as the sprinklers went off on purpose, and the water dripped down our heads and splashing as we waved our heads in circles, making it cascade around us. Our shirts clung to us and made everything seem more sexy and exotic, which made the guys even more excited as our bodies bounced with each other, and twirled and as we would dance as if gender didn't matter only our happiness with the song. We were best friends, not ones with benefits. We sung along and tried to seem serious, but couldn't. I smiled as we got the attention of many dudes. When the song finished we were back to back as we slowly descended lower, spreading our legs apart.

Some guys whistled and others said comments like "I can use a piece of that cake, ANYDAY!" and others like "Let me have some." And the guys around them agreed.


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