We have problem

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[H/l]: hair length

[H/c]: hair color

[E/c]: eye color

[Y/n]: your name

I own nothing...wish I owned Jack Frost tho :'(

You sighed softly as you sat on a good sized rock in front of the frozen pound. Your [h/l] [h/c] hair flew in front of your face slightly before you pushed it back behind your ear. As you gazed around at the winter wonder land that lay before you, you gently grabbed your guitar and got into the right positions to start playing.

"What would it take, for things to be quiet, quiet like the snow? And I know, this isn't much, but I know, I could, I could be better."

You sighed again as you thought about why you were even out in the cold, wet, freezing snow. Your step father had come home early than you or your mother expected him to. Neither of you had done what he had told you too. Your mother hadn't completed the laundry and you hadn't even started the massive pile of dishes that was in the sink.

"Hey, why'd ya stop?" you heard come from behind you. You quickly twisted around on the rock to look for the source. You winced as you felt one of your bruises protest against the sharp and sudden movement. You stood up and held your guitar in front of you, using it as a weapon.

"Who's there?" you called out while glaring all around you. You heard a chuckle from behind you and spun around, again, with your make-shift weapon held at the ready.

"Easy there, tiger. I'm not gonna hurt you," Said the person. You felt your eyes grow wide and your mouth hang open the tiniest bit. You lowered your guitar and just stared at the boy, who seemed to realize you were staring at him and looked around to see if he was right.

The boy had on a royal blue hoodie, brown pants that ended to just a little above his ankles, and no shoes. His eyes were such a bright blue that it reminded you of a jewel, his hair seemed to just blend right in with the snow that was around the two of you. You blinked your eyes a few times to see if he was real. The two of you just stared at each other for a while before you leaned onto your guitar lightly.

"Well, well, well….if it isn't Jack Frost. The spirit of winter…the guardian of fun," You sneered at him. He took a slight step back from shock before recovering and giving a mocking bow.

"It's nice to know I'm famous…who are you, again?" He asked while tilting his head slightly to the left. You rolled your [e/c] eyes at him before grabbing your guitar, turning, and starting to walk away.

"[y/n]…my name is [y/n]." You said as you looked to your right to see Jack floating next to you. He grinned and held out his hand.

"Hello, [y/n]! If you don't mind me asking…how old are you?" he asked while you stopped walking and leaned back against a tree. You eyed his hand and after a few moments he slowly withdrew it.

"I'm seventeen." You replied while smirking at Jack. Jack looked at you shocked.

"Really? You still believe in me?" He asked while leaning against his staff, which you just now noticed. You gave him a cold look.

"Believe…in you?" you said before you chuckled coldly while grinned at him.

"Never…" you said as you continued your walk out of the forest. Jack looked after you before flying off to North's place.

~hours later, Jack POV, meeting with the guardians~

After I told north about [y/n], he called the rest of the guardians for a meeting. After a few minutes of North and Bunnymund arguing about [y/n], North finally said we should ask man in moon. We all, minus North, waited in another room as north and MiM spoke to one another.

"Jack, what did she look like?" asked Tooth. I was leaning against a window facing Sandy, Tooth, and Bunny. I scratched the back of my head while looking at the floor.

"Well…she had [h/l] [h/c] hair and her eyes were [e/c]. She was pale, almost as pale as me." I said right before North busted throw the room. We all turned to him and noticed his worried expression.

"We have problem."

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