"Don't worry there will be plenty of action"

"Is that a promise or a threat. I swear to god if you stop today I will kill you. With my two bare hands if I have too"

"You can't kill me like that sweetheart, but there are plenty of other ways to kill me. I will show you some when we are alone" he says cryptically

He finally lets me go and puts some distance between us. I can still feel eyes devouring me and I revel in it. The tension between us is so thick that someone can cut it with a knife. Thankfully Luke is engrossed in the swing and is oblivious to all of it.

Luke soon gets bored with the swing. He wants to play soccer now. We walk to the edge of the play area. He picks a soccer ball lying on the grass along with other picnic gear. He wants to show off his new ball kicking skills, he has learnt from his dad recently. He will play with his dad and defeat him. I am relegated to the sideline as I am a girl.

I get a picnic blanket, spread it on the grass. I sit down to watch the soccer match between a father and his son. I am filled with a unmentionable delight. I am an enthusiastic spectator in the impromptu soccer match.

Luke gets tired after a while. He wants something to eat. Come to think of it I am hungry as well. I have skipped the breakfast in my hurry to get here. We buy food on the go from the cafe nearby and have alfresco lunch in the park.

During lunch I pretend to be upset at Luke for not including me in the soccer match.

"Don't worry Alice, you can do craft with me. The other Alice can't do craft very well.", Luke reassures me.

"Whow! Whow! buddy this Alice and the other Alice is very confusing don't you think", Sam questions Luke.

Luke wasn't confused before and I perfectly understood what he wanted to say. I am not even sure Luke knows meaning of the word 'confusing'. Luke however agrees with Sam.

"May be you should call this Alice Mama Alice and the other Alice can be Aunty Alice.", he is talking to Luke in a deadpan voice. Then he turns and addresses me next. "Is that all right with you Mama Alice?"

He is looking at me intently. I am annoyed by his audacity and take charge attitude but I don't want to ruin our reunion. I give a nod of affirmation. The lunch continues without any further issue. Sam is jovial since he got his way. We consume every morsel of the excellent repast.

Now all of us want to go home. Luke because he is tired, Sam and I for a very different reason.

Sam is again holding me close. Luke wants to slide between us but Sam picks him up and puts him on his shoulder. We stroll back to my car which I had parked earlier. It looks like Sam came here by cab.

I don't have a child seat in the car. There is some initial confusion on where Luke is going to sit. Sam is asking Joe to take Luke home.

"It's only a short distance and Luke is old enough to sit upright in the car seat. Joe can squeeze in the back seat with him to keep an eye on him", I suggest to Sam.

"You are becoming a rule breaker. You know that don't you?" Sam teases me

"It's the company I keep" I retaliate.

Luke's sitting arrangement sorted I start to go towards the drivers side. Sam stops me from going and hold his hands palm up in front of me. I look at him perplexed.

"Hand over the keys Alice"

"Oh you want the car back" I take the keys from the pocket of my jeans and hand them over to him.

"No the car is yours but when I am with you I will do the driving"

"I am very good driver you know" I complain in mock offence

"Good is a relative term in a here. Good drivers are those people who haven't had an accident Yet. Women drivers are even worse in this regard."

"You are such a Neanderthal" I protest.

My protest falls on deaf ears. He is already sitting in the car seat buckling himself up.

"You better get in if you are coming. Otherwise you will be left behind"

I am fuming but I get in the car. I don't seem to have much of a choice. I have left everything including my wallet at home in my rush to get here.

He squeezes my hand. "You are beautiful when you are riled, Miss feisty little schoolteacher"

"You flatterer!"

He flicks my braid, I have done earlier to stop my hair from tangling in the wind outdoors. My hair is unravelling as it is from the temporary knot, now it becomes completely loose.

"That's better, you should keep it loose", he demands

"If I keep it loose it will be so messy that it will be nightmare to straighten it. Now drive"

"Yes Mam" and he delivers a two finger solute in my direction and drives towards home.

He parks the car in the reserve parking spot at the back of the strip club. We all pile out of the car. Luke is holding my hand and dragging me. He wants to show me something. Sam is tugging me towards him. I am getting pulled from both direction.

"Can I see whatever he wants to show me please", I beg to Sam.

Sam looks disappointed but he concedes to my request.

"Ok I will go in the office and catch up on some work backlog"

Now I am upset.

"Why are you leaving me"

"I am not leaving you. I will be in my office. You can get Luke settled, hand him over to Alice and come to me"

He takes a pen out of his pocket. He holds my other hand next and turns it so my palm is facing towards him and writes a number on it.

"This is the PIN number to the security door. Come to me when you are done. I will Wait, but don't be Late"

He delivers a brief kiss to me and leaves me at the door. I am back at the Square One.

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