~Thank You to All of My Readers~

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Author's Note: Thank you to each and every reader of my Books! This June 2019, is my two year anniversary of writing, on Wattpad. I'm so honored to have readers like you! ❤️

This has been quite a journey for me! I reached a milestone today 5/5/19 . . My very first Book, Is This Shoulder Taken? reached 99.7K Reads and over 5K Votes!!!

If I don't get to thank you personally, please know that every
Follow, Vote and Comment matters to me!!! I didn't know if
anyone would read my little Story about Kendall and Greyson
or Sheila and Brody in the Art of Loving. Or The Three Corwin

I thank you for reading and supporting my Stories. I've gotten a lot of positive comments on my writing style, which I really appreciate! I now have two Romance Series, when I was just going to write one Stand Alone Book ☺️

I got so many requests to write another Book, that I had to write The Return Of Carrington! I have a lot going on and was going to take a break from writing over the Winter and just read. . . Then, I figured I would try to write a new Book to make the Carringtons into a Series.  That wasn't easy to do, because the Carrington's Story was meant to end with The Art of Loving.  I had to figure out a way to continue the Story. . . I had an idea and The Return Of Carrington was born.  I really hope you enjoy it!!

In June 2018 I added, The House of Carrington (Book 4) and in September 2018 I added, The Sky's the Limit.

The Carrington Series
Is This Shoulder Taken? (Book 1)
The Art of Loving (Book 2)
The Return Of Carrington (Book 3)
The House of Carrington (Book 4)

A Pennington Story
The Sky's the Limit (Book 1)
Natalie (Book 2) June 2019

The Corwin Brothers Series
The Road To: Avalon (Book 1)
Because of: Liliana (Book 2)
In Pursuit of: Justine (Book 3)

I hope you get a chance to check out all eight of my Books if you haven't already. If you have, please share them, if you've enjoyed them. I've been told when people search for my books, they've had a hard time finding them. I searched today and they all came up under @DawnMDrake
It has to be typed in exactly like that.

Thank you for all of your reads, votes, comments and support!

~x Dawn

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