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"You're my fiancé." 


I noticed Kai was a bit taken back by what I said. She blushed and didn't say a word until we got to the airport.

"Mekai you'll be sitting next to Melo," My dad said as we boarded the plane.

I was about to talk to her, but she pulled out her headphones.....well okay then.

*skips plane ride*

Mekai literally slept the whole ride. If she wants this relationship to work she needs to atleast invest some time. I'll just shrug this one off.

We arrived to the hotel and waited for our rooms.

"Melo and Kai will be sharing a room," My dad announced.

I noticed Mekai tense up a bit.

"Don't worry there's two beds," My dad chuckled.

Kai slightly relaxed and got the key from him. The room number was on the key, so she headed up with me trailing right behind her.

"You excited Kai?" I asked trying to start a convo.

She nodded her head and smiled.

"Talk to me girl," I frowned.

"I'm super duper excited Lamelo," She answered sarcastically.

I chuckled and followed her into the room. She set her things down and laid on the bed. I swear she's always tired. I did the same and checked my phone.

Zo: Dinner at six downstairs...tell wifey

I texted back a simple "okay" and closed my phone. We had like three hours until the dinner and I didn't feel like staying in this room the entire time.

"Kai....." I whispered.

"Nigga why are you whispering?" She asked confused.

"Come to the beach with me pleaaase," I pleaded.

She thought about it and finally agreed.

"Let me shower first tho," She said taking out her things.

I didn't feel like showering, so I just waited for her to finish up.

About 30 minutes later she came out in a body suit with shorts over it. I really admired her. Her hair defied gravity and her skin absorbed the sunlight. She was magical.

"Stop staring and let's go," She said breaking me out of my trance. 

I opened the door for her and led the way. I've been here before so I knew my way to the beach.


I walked alongside Melo as we talked about random things.

We spotted an ice cream place and stopped. Ordering wasn't a problem since I knew spanish. 

While Melo and I were eating, a dark skin guy came to the shop. He was fiiiioooonnneee. I noticed him smirking at me, but I ignored it. I'm a soon to be married girl lmao. Lamelo got up to throw away our garbage. The dude noticed when he left and got up to approach me.

"Sorry to bother, but you're extremely beautiful. Is it okay if I got your number?" He smiled showing his pearly white teeth.

As soon as I was about to answer, Melo popped up.

"No nigga it's not okay if you got my fiancé's number," Lamelo said defensively.

"I don't see no ring tho," The boy rolled his eyes.

Melo grabbed my hand and kissed where the ring was.

"Man whatever," The guy said walking away.

Lamelo was laughing uncontrollably and I joined in with him.

I guess this is my new life

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