Author's Notes

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After 1st Magic Spells for Each School

I've been working on the 108 Balancing Forces for more than I expected; but as I move into the second part in the first novel I'm writing with the Theory of Magic—Emergence No. 7—I feel I need to have an idea of the different forces at work in my multiverse. So I plan to finish it before July 4th, then light a ground spinner to celebrate.

I'm not a fan of lighting anything bigger than a ground spinner, since we have so many kitties and doggies living in our neighborhood. My neighbors will contribute more than enough to the noise without additional support.

I just love ground spinners, though! We'll go buy them tomorrow to solidify this plan.

Original Description

I write all of my fantasy and science fiction stories in a single, imaginary multiverse that I've carried around in my brain for pretty much forever. The first evidence I have of this multiverse is an 80-someodd-page single-spaced 10pt font story I wrote on a word processor in elementary school, in the 90s. The following Wattpad story is an experimental text, where I try to recreate a tome of reference based off of unpublished mss I've since written in junior high, high school, undergrad, post-undergrad-I-hate-college, grad school, and post grad school to, well... outline the laws of magic. Once I've finished this experimental project, this Theory of Magic will become a living book in another novel I'm writing. If this reference reads a little dry, that's intended; but let's see if we can get some crunchy texture out of the desiccation I expect out of this wonky idea.

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