August Alsina

" Can you just answer it already" Elysia mumbled in her sleep

"I could if you move yo heavy ass head off my arm so I can find it"

''My head not even heavy and all you had to do was ask" she rolled over and I went to look for my phone finding it on the floor I unlocked it and seen my assistant reminding me I had a meeting today. After replying to her I got back comfortable pulling Elysia on to my chest

" I have to go to a meeting today so my mother coming over to watch Aiden since you going to be working"

" That's fine I need to get up and get ready though"

" Alright I guess I'll get up to because I'm leaving whenever she gets here and you might be gone" she nodded and left the room I got up going to do what I had to do after I was done I went to check on Aiden but Elysia was already in there feeding him

"You want anything to eat before you leave," Elysia asked looking up at me as I bent down and kissed Aiden forehead

"Nah I'm good Kassidy said she grabbing everybody some before the meeting," I said and kissed her

"Alright I'll just grab something out the mall on my way"

"You sure I can make you some if you want some real quick"

"No I'm fine I'm just gon get something there"

I nodded "You look beautiful, who are you trying to look good for?"

She chuckled " I don't know I might find me a lil boo"

"Don't play with me. Ya mama tripping " I grabbed Aiden out her hands to burp him as we walked out of the room " might have to do a little pop up on you"

"Pop up on me I'm putting you to work"

"Only place you can put me to work is in the room across the hall" I grabbed her waist

"I bet" she looked back and smiled "You better not drop Aiden I know that"

" I got this" I let her go and let her walk down the steps "So we gon go and look for your car today I already called and told him I was coming when you get off that way not too many people will be there it's gon be close to closing time."

"Okay that's cool" she slipped on her shoes and grabbed her purse "I got to go so I can open up for my workers"

"Alright I'll see you when you get back I'll be back before you" when she left out I went and cleaned Aiden up and by the time I was done my mother was here

"Good morning ma" I hugged her and kissed her cheek

"Good morning son, where Aiden?"

'In his swing in the living room"

"Alright be safe" she went around me into the living room I stuffed my phone back in my pocket seeing Kassidy say the driver was outside

When I made it to the meeting they got right into business and started talking about the plans for after this album drop. That took about two hours and I was back home chilling waiting for Elysia to get back

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