51. Destroy Her

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 Thanks to  @sweetsweetirwin  for the song suggestion: Bad Day by Justin Beiber

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Thanks to  @sweetsweetirwin  for the song suggestion: Bad Day by Justin Beiber.

Cover above: by dancingsparks. Thanks so much! It has an amazing feel to it. The red is very powerful.

Chapter dedicated to Lilaundry55. Thanks for reading and your extremely insightful comment. Much love!

Chapter 51—Destroy Her


Hycinth was gone...

Ever didn't have to confirm it with words. His haggard expression, hard lines etching his face, deep brown eyes glistening with agony, told me all I needed to know. He stood inside the door of the study, rigid and unmoving, looking at me like he'd just been sucker punched.

I knew the feeling...

Neither of us said anything. We just stared at each other, communicating with the reflection of our souls in our eyes because mere words were obscenely inadequate at the moment. I'd known Ever my entire life. He was my best friend. He knew absolutely everything about me, good, bad and ugly. I didn't have to speak for him to hear the unspoken question on my lips: What the fuck do I do now?

I seriously had no idea.

After a long moment, Ever finally broke the silence. "Fuck. Leander, I..." his voice hitched, "I'm...sorry."

What did one say in a moment like this?   Maybe there was something appropriate. Unfortunately, I'd drank so much in the last hour, my brain was floating about in my head. Not exactly conducive to intellectual thought.

Lifting the bottle of bourbon clutched in my fist, I tilted it once in his direction before bringing it to my lips and guzzling it back. The 90 proof whiskey left a fiery trail down my throat and drinking it like Kool-Aid made me cough and sputter. When I could finally catch my breath, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

My father watched our interaction silently, his expression stone-faced, but he couldn't hide the trauma slithering in the back of his eyes—my pain was a kick-in-your-ass reminder of his own.

Just brilliant...

Crossing the room, Ever sank into one of the comfortable leather chairs.

"Did you tell her precious pack was still in one piece?"

"I spoke with Luca," he replied, gravelly voice thick with restrained fury. "It wouldn't have been a good idea for me to talk to Hycinth."

Couldn't help but agree with him there. Eyes unfocused, I stared at nothing.

"You were right...he didn't know they remained."

I rested my outstretched arm on the side of the chair. I might have been ridiculously inebriated but not too intoxicated to make sure I didn't drop the only thing that mattered anymore—the bottle of liquid destruction clenched tightly in my hand. Light reflected off of the amber fluid inside. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes, not bothering to reply.

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