African Love-Chapter 21

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Here is a longer chapter for the long wait. Enjoy!

Chapter 21

 What was I supposed to say 'I love you too". Do I love him back?. I mean I have feelings for him, really strong feelings but do I really want to risk my first time saying I love you to someone that I don't know I have feelings for?. Yes, I do love back right?. I hope he doesn't expect me to say it here, right now. Maybe I should just pretend to be sleep and wait until morning to see if he brings it up again. Yea that's what I'll do.

I woke up and turned around to see if Tristan was still there. He was!. He looked so handsome when he slept. His hair all messy and his arms all stretched out over the pillow. I grabbed my phone from the night stand and tried calling Sarah but her phone went straight to voice mail. I tried Jake's but again it went straight to voice mail. I tried everyone on my contact list but still no answer. I was getting hot because Tristan's arm was still around me and I really wanted something to eat. So I decided to go check on Rachel and see if she wanted to come down for breakfast with me.

I grabbed my phone and made my way very quietly out of the room and walked over to Rachel's room. I knocked on her door and the door was slightly opened so I just walked right in but she wasn't there. I looked around but she wasn't there. I went into the bathroom stalls and heard talking. It sounded like Rachel and that bimbo-barbie girl.

I peeked my head around the corner to hear what they were talking about.

"The next time your friend pulls a stunt like that in front of my boyfriend you and her are going to pay"

Her boyfriend?

"I doubt you'd be able to lay a finger on either one of us, so I'd suggest you cut the crap and leave us alone because no one was even bothered with you in the first place"

That's my girl

"Oh, really then why did he give me his number?" she asked all up in her face. If that was me only God knows what would happen....

I kept listening when someone's arms wrapped around waist and breathed into my neck. I was in shock a little but then calmed down.

"What the heck, If you keep scaring me like that there's going be a problem" I whispered

"Sorry, what are you doing?" he said looking around the corner then back at me.

"Your bimbo is threatening Rachel" I half smiled

"I don't like her one bit" he said getting disgusted

"Hahaha...sorry but it's true anyway i want to say something but I want to see what else happens"

"So your eves dropping?" he said looking down at me fixing is hair

"You can call it that, so be quiet so I can here" I whispered and turned back around

"Just leave and let me have Tristan and nothing bad will happen to you guys that's all" she fake smiled

"And If I don't"

Bimbo-barbie was about to smack Rachel in the face when Rachel caught her hand mid air.

"You should't have done that."

And with anger building inside her Rachel pounced on bimbo and started punching her. I gasp at the sudden fight and next thing you knew Hillary was in there trying to get Rachel off of her. I didn't know what to do. I've never been in these situations before but Tristan went in there and I followed behind and helped him get her off of her.

"You spoiled like brat, you think you can just take things from people!" Rachel yelled

"Ahhh, grandma help!" said bimbo I don't like calling her by her real name. Scarlet

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