Chapter 28~ Sunburn Solutions and Phone Conflicts

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Hey guys so yeah another update! Yay ugh I'm tired I'll write some now and then some later because I rather not give you guys a crappy chapter since I love you guys so much.

(Liam's pov)

After the other night when I told him he could do whatever he wants well let's just say he has. It is the last day of holiday and I'm at my wits end, he has been naughty all the rest of the week. He cusses at me and Harry, he has had the worst attitude and has been rude to people,he has snuck out of the room, worst of all he got into a fight and began punching a kid which is why the people banned him from the place on the corner. We decided to go to the beach which was right across the street and I didn't even bother with anything which I could tell upset him. We got there and I set up our umbrella but Louis just ran into the bay neither sunblock nor anyone with him. I sat on the beach talking with Harry about how we could only be here for another hour so we could take another 4 and a half hour ride home. Time ticked on and when I called Louis in he scoffed at me but came out and he looked as red as a lobster so when he was drying himself off he was wincing in pain. I looked at him with a sympathetic look before we went back to the hotel. He was packing up his stuff and he was whimpering in the process and letting out strings of ow's but I know he was trying to be strong. He put on his shirt and when he did tears just filled his eyes and he finally let them flow before running up to me.

"Daddy it hurts! It hurts!I'm sorry!" He whined and whimpered. I sighed and looked at him.

"Oh so now you want me to care?" I asked him and he nodded.

"Yes please I'm sorry for this week I'll be punished, I'm sorry I just want you back. I was doing it all to get you to care but I didn't even mean to get sunburn so please just care about me you do care right?" He cried into my shoulder and I rocked him slightly making him howl in pain as I touched his sunburn.

"Louis I always care I just acted like I didn't but you were very bad this week so after I help you your being punished before and on our way home." I scolded him and he nodded.

"Just help me please my body hurts." He whined and I looked at him pushing some hair out of his face.

"Just take off your shirt I'll go get the aloe okay baby?" I said and he nodded taking it off again whimpering in pain. I went into the suitcase and took out the spray on aloe. I took off the cap and shook it.

"Louis this is going to sting but just be good and stand there it will feel better after a minute." I told him and he let out a sniffle and shakily nodded. I began spraying and he cried and sobbed loudly when Harry walked out of the bathroom seeing me. I finished and Louis stood there before sighing in relief as the aloe was working. He looked at Harry and me and ran over to Harry who picked him up minding his sunburn.

"I'm sorry papa I know I was bad and I shouldn't have been I just thought you and daddy didn't care so I acted up to see and it really looked like you didn't so it made me upset and then I don't put on sunblock and it burns so much I'm sorry." He cried and Harry shushed him.

"It's s' okay Lou your alright but don't ever think we don't care munchkin. We care about you so so much." He told him and kissed his head before setting him down.

"I'm sorry dad I'm ready to be punished." He told me shakily and played with his fingers.

"Okay bud I'm only doing 20 because you have to sit in the car but I'm putting icy hot on and your wearing it until it wears off. Your sitting in your car seat again because of your rude and childish behavior and as for the cussing well you can have a choice of either more spanks or the dummy." I told him and he sighed.

"Okay and I'll take the dummy so my bum won't hurt or at least as much." He told me and I nodded before sitting on the bed and patting my lap. Harry went and packed the rest of his stuff and worked on Louis' as I did this as well as putting them in the car.

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