Chapter 3: Returning to Remnant and Forerunner Discovery

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After everything that happened with the Slipdrive malfunction, Zikan was first to gain consciousness and pushed himself from the ground and coughed.

"Ugh...Is everyone alright? FleetMaster?" Zikan asked, but notices his sounded slightly different. As the rest of the crew are waking up.

"Zikan, I'm alr- Wait a minute! What the heck?" Jaune asked as he notices his voice sounds different like he sounded younger like teen younger.

"Ugh...Hey What's wro- Huh?! Why do I sound weird?!" One of the Zealot exclaimed.

"You sound weird." Gripyap pointed out

"It's not just him! It's you, and- Wait, so do l!" The Elite exclaims.

The rest of the crew looks shock hearing their voices slightly different and Jaune decides it times to check. "Everyone! Take your helmets!"

Some were reluctant before complying with the rest removing the doing the same along with Jaune. When they removed their helmets, they were in deep shock and amazement when see that they all de-aged. The Elites and Kig-yar de-age in 20-25, the Grunts felt more younger and the biggest shock to them all, is that FleetMaster Jaune Arc, has de-aged to 17 years old!

"By the Rings..." The Zikan mutters in shock.

"By the Prophets..." Another Elite said.

"What the heck!?" A Grunt exclaims

"What's wrong?!" Jaune asked.

"F-FleetMaster! Y-you're young again!" One of the Zealots exclaimed dumbfounded.

"WHAT!?" Jaune shouts in shock.

Gripyap grabs a mirror and hands it to Jaune.

"By the Rings...I'm young!" Jaune said, as he stroking his younger self. He gains his composure and looks at his SIC. "Commander Zikan, as shocking this can be I want you and the rest of our men to check if any of our cargo, passengers and troops onboard are alright."

"Yes FleetMaster!" He said as he turns to those present. "You heard, the FleetMaster! Come on! Let's go!" They comply as Zikan and the his troops are storm out the bridge to check everyone if they  are alright, while the others stays in the Bridge.

"You there, where are we? Are we at the location where the Prophets gave us?" Jaune said as he approaches the Elite, who is working on the content panel to make sure everything is alright.

"Unfortunately no, we are in a unknown galaxy. That means Slipdrive malfunction must have cause the de-age thing." The Elite Reported as he is working on the control panel.

"What about other Shipmasters? What's their status?"

"They are nowhere to be seen, we must be separated." The Elite said.

"...just great...what Solar system or galaxy are we in?"

"...From what the I can tell it's unknown..." The Elite said. "But we are near by a Planet"

"...wait what?" Jaune asked confused as he look out the window and see a planet. A planet that looks almost similar to Reach. And a moon that looks like it has been shattered by something. Jaune stares wide-eyed, he can tell where they are, it's shocking for the young FleetMaster.

"By the Rings..." he mutters.

"Um FleetMaster?" Gripyap said.

"I know where we..." Jaune said as he looks at the planet below him.

"Where are we?" The Elite asked.

" home planet..." Jaune said as his face turns solemn as he face his troops, who are looking at him with shock expressions.

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