sm3 part 2

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I was sat on the sofa when i got a call of 'andrew'. Why would andrew call me i picked it up as thoughts begain to fill my head with awful thoughts of shawn.

'hello' i spoke 'hey we need you down at the studio asap shawn needs you' andrew spoke really fast 'ok im on my way' with that i hung up.

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my keys, i locked up and went to my car. On the way to the studio i was hungry soo i stopped at a cafe to eat ,i ordered nuttella and pancakes.

After i was finished i went straight to the studio, i parked up and run up to the room. When i walked in a saw a nervous  shawn passing the room back and fourth. "Hey baby are you ok"i asked him he ignores me. "Shawn!!!!" i raise my voice a bit.

"Umh...yeh sorry" he replied "shawn whats wrong" he sat down and placed his hands on his face. "The album its comming out in less than 2 minutes and im freaking out like what if they dont like it or.." he begins but i cut him off.

"Shawn babe im sure they will love it if they dont im sure the wont buy it and if they dont like it why would you have arenas sold out eh stop worrying and see the good side ok"i said planting kisses on shawns lips

"Thankyou babygirl it means a lot thankyou for comming and being here" he said and kisses me back. We sat there talking about things before the count downt started.

"10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, the album is out"we all shouted. Shawn looked worried agian soo i grabbed his face and made him stare into my eyes "listen calm down and relax they will love it" he smiled widely before smashing his lips onto mine.


Hey hope you like it sorry its short a lot going on at the moment but i will try soo im really sorry hope you like it Yadeelbooks123 ~ly guys n ❤💚💜💙💛💙💜💚❤

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