Chapter 2

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Readers POV
Years. Years I've been here. Since I was 7 years old. I've never left this room. Locked away, isolated. It's been years since Ive felt the wind against my face, the grass beneath my feet, the mud, the rain. Even the sunlight. It's been so long. My room has no windows and nothing to keep me entertained. Only a bed. That's all I have. A bed and a door. But the door was always locked from the outside. Only doctors or nurses could come in. I dread every time that door opens. As I know it's nothing good. When I first came, I thought it meant food. No. Food came through a small hatch at the bottom of the door. If that opens, there's food. If the entire door opens, there's trouble.
To be honest, I'm surprised I haven't gone insane. I haven't left this room. When I first came, I was allowed out a few times. But that didn't end well for a few people. So they keep me locked away. It's driving me nuts. I thought that maybe I could become close to a few people. Start a rebellion when we got the chance. But not even that is possible now.
Although, I did make one friend. Her name was Sakura. But that's all I know about her. Her name. She won't tell me anything else. I've asked. She won't tell me her last name, who she is, why she's here, even how old she is. She just won't say. But the weird thing is, it's not as if she verbally refuses to answer. She just, doesn't say anything, anything at all. Just goes, completely silent. I don't even know what she looks like, I've asked her to describe herself. But she says she's forgotten. Maybe she doesn't have a mirror in her room. I know I don't have one.
We talk through a small air vent in the wall of my room. Although, it's very low to the floor and very small. So I have to at least sit on the ground in order to talk to her.

"[Name]? Hey you there?"
I hear a voice whisper from the corner of my room. Jumping off my bed, I scurry across the floor, sliding towards the wall, stopping and crouching down to the vent.
"Sakura, that you?!"
I call. I couldn't help but smile. It's thanks to her that I haven't completely lost my mind. Having someone to talk to, really helps. Even if I can't see her face.
"Yeah it's me. Good to hear your voice again [Name]. After what they did to you last. I thought you'd be unconscious for days."
I sigh to her words. But she was right. The doctors here, they keep experimenting on me more and more. In some ways, even torturing me, just to get me to 'talk'. They believe I'm hiding the secret behind my ability. But that's not true at all. There is no secret behind it. I don't even know how I have it. I just, do.
"Yeah I know.. but it's good to hear your voice too Sa-"
"[Name]! I hear them! They're coming. Making their way to your room!"
She suddenly sounds panicked, interrupting me mid sentence.
"You hear them?! What do I do?! Sakura? Sakura!"
My heart rate increased. Every time she tells me they're coming, my fear levels jump higher and higher. She was like my warning alarm. Giving me time to prepare.

The door suddenly opens, slamming against the wall. I couldn't help but gasp as I huddle myself, hiding away in the corner.
"There. Grab her."
A man in a long white lab coat ordered as he pointed in my direction. There were 5 people. Him and the other 4 who rush over and grab me. All of them wearing some sort of face mask.
"No no! Get off of me! No more please!-"
"This will all end if you just tell us how you have this power."
"I told you I don't know!"
I scream and desperately struggle to get out of their grip. This was the first time in years since I was removed from the room. They would usually experiment or torture me IN my room. So the fact they were taking me somewhere else, only made me panic more.
Although, I got to see the room Sakura was in as we passed. But I was so confused, her door looked just like mine, but, she had no number. No subject number. Mine for example, 6126. But, she didn't have one. All the other doors I was dragged passed had numbers. What does that mean? Why doesn't she have one?... Sakura...

It wasn't long before we had reached a room with a large black door. It took 2 of the men to open it. The other 2 continuing to hold me as the 5th guy stood and watched. Once they were open, the men began to push me inside, I of course was not going to let that happen. I plant my feet as firm on the ground as I can, pushing back against them.
"No! No I'm not going in!"
I refuse. But the 5th man just chuckles, walking over and standing in front of me.
"Sorry 6126. You don't have a choice."
The other 2 men return from opening the doors fully and grab hold of me, helping to drag me into the room.
I thrash as much as possible, clawing at their arms with my over grown nails, caused by the lack of hygiene maintenance.
The room was dull with a few dim lights the flickered over head. But once I sat on the operating bed. The room lit up brightly, so much so that I had to squint my eyes shut. Which was a mistake. By shutting my eyes, I was no longer watching the men around me. By the time my eyes were open again, they had already finished restraining my ankles and wrists with tight straps. Even one wrapped across my neck to hold down my head. My breathing increases more and more to almost a pant as my eyes frantically look around. But I suddenly let out a gasp as the bed starts to change positions to sit slightly up right. Almost like a dentist chair. Watching as a man approaches me, leaning his face close to mine.
"Now then, 6126. Today is going to be the same procedure as the last. We're going to ask you a few questions and you are going to answer. If you don't cooperate. You'll get a slight shock. For example."
He leans back, grabbing a large lever, pulling it down. My entire body arches in pain and my voice bellows out as electricity is flooded through me. To eventually come to a stop. By which, I was completely out of breath. Gasping for air.
"I guess you must have a few questions of your own. Why did we bring you here, rather than staying in your room? Well I shall answer. You see. The bed you're strapped too, has a multi-purpose. The restraints are rigged to this machine that sent that impulse through you just now. But we also have this."
He says as he holds a device in his hands. It looked like something from the older times that they used on mental patients to try and 'cure' them. But it's not used any more. How did he have it? It looked like a cross between a stethoscope and headphones.
"We place a solution on either side of your temples, place this on your head like so. And administer a little shock. But that is only used as punishment-"
"Punishment for what?!"
I yell as I grind my teeth, hissing as I sucked air in harshly, trying to steady my breathing.
"6126, you must remember what happened in your last session. You tried to manipulate one of my doctors to kill himself. Can't have that happening again can we?.. So! Tell me. This power of yours. You use it through the eyes right?"
I stare at him angrily. I so badly wanted to kill him. Him and all his minions scattered around the room.
But my lack of answer only caused electricity to be sent coursing through my body. The buzzing sound of the machine masking my screams in pain.

"How do you do it? It is with your eyes yes? How do you do it-"
"I told you I don't know!! I've had it since birth! I don't know how I can do it! I just-"
The doctor interrupts me by placing a rubber plate into my mouth, forcing me to clamp my teeth onto it. What's he doing?!
I begin to hyperventilate as he begins to apply the odd solution to my temples. I tried to talk but he just held my mouth closed.
My breathing was in overload as my fear level hit its maximum. Before I could even react to his words, the device was placed over my head and electricity was sent spiralling into my temples. It was so so painfully. Weakening me and draining me of energy by the second.

Once the pain was over and the machine was switched off. I give the doctor a furious look.
"What? Oh! You just reminded me!"
He suddenly grabs my jaw harshly, holding my head still as he drips a liquid into my left eye. Only the left. Causing a horrible stinging sensation.
He chuckles, leaning away and placing what seemed to be dark glasses over his eyes, the rest of the men doing the same. Watching as he walks over to some sort of power pox.
"And for the finally part. Those eye drops were for this!"
He yells as he pulls yet another lever. The room illuminated with light. So bright, so so bright. But that wasn't the worst part. It seemed the light reacted with the solution in my eye and it started to burn. It felt as if my left eye was literally on fire. The rubber plate falls from my mouth onto the floor as I scream and scream and scream in absolute agony. Begging them to stop, to turn it off but they kept going. Going and going until eventually I felt nothing and my screaming stopped. I was so weak. I could barely move.

The doctor switched off the blinding light and removed his glasses, rushing over, instantly inspecting my eyes.
"Excellent! Just as we predicted. Only the left eye was affected by the light. The right eye is completely normal! The pupil reflex to my torch pen light is normal. But the left eye. Won't react at all! Even the iris has changed from [EyeColour] to a dull grey. Almost like the colour has been burnt away! Extraordinary! Sorry for my enthusiasm... But sadly we weren't interested in your power this time. I lied! That's for a few weeks time to come. We were ACTUALLY testing a new experimental method. You were a great test subject! Sorry about the eye."
He chuckles evilly. I could almost picture the evil smile behind his mask. But I was too tired, too weak. The world around me faded to darkness as I fell unconscious.

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