End Of Time (Part One) {Kara X Male!Reader}

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Requested by RavusWolf

Yay, more Kara. Okay, ima write part one, then work on others to space it out a bit. Hope you don't mind, I just wanna get others in first 👍🏻

Okay so this was actually written by my bff Megumi-Akamine !!! I've been so busy so she did this for me!! Thanks again !!!

I did edit some things, but the story is by her.

She wasn't human. But she was special.

You loved her, and didn't care what anyone else would think.

A human with an Android.

So what? You loved each other, and couldn't be happier. The journey brought you both together, after she escaped her owner with his daughter.

Reader's pov

I sat in the front seat with my girlfriend, Kara. While I was driving, she looked at me and smiled.

"Where are you taking me, (Y/N)?" She asked me.

"Ah. It's a surprise." I answered, as I smirked. I drove all the way to the place where we first met, it was a restaurant downtown. When we were there, I out of the car, and went over to the right side, and then opened the door for her to get out.

She got out, and smiled brightly.

"Aw. How sweet of you. This is the place were we first met, in 2939. I remember that I sat in the back with Alice, and you came up to me to take my order." She said as her hand landed on my shoulder.

I laughed so hard that I was about to fall over.

"Yeah. I stood there, like an idiot staring at you. But, I guess it was worth it..." I replied back as I helped her out of the car.

"Anyways, let's go inside." I said as I walked towards the door. She nodded her head and then followed behind. When I opened the door, I waited for her to get in. After a minute, the both of us were in the large restaurant.

"Hello, welcome to Cindy's café. How many people?" A tall yet young women asked, as she stood there in the rather large booth.

"Um. Two," I replied.

She smiled, "Come this way, I will find you a seat for the both of you,"

She got out of the booth and walked towards a wooden table with two chairs.

"Here you are. And I must say, the both of you are a very cute couple." She said as she placed the menu's down on the table.

"Thank you," Kara replied back as she sat down.

"No problem, your waiter will come shortly. By the way, you're a lucky woman, to be with such great man.  You both have wonderful evening," She said with a wink and then walked away.

Kara giggled as she looked away.

"Kara, do you think that Luther will watch Alice?" I asked as I opened up my menu.

"Of course, (Y/N). He is a very good babysitter." She reaffirmed.

I nodded, trusting her. I knew he liked Kara, but I didn't let it bother me. She chose me over him, of course.

She smiled at me, and I grinned back.

"I love you," She said, making my heart flutter.

"I love you too," I said softly. "And I will be here with you to the end of my time."

Continued for part 2

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