Pass or Fail

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"May we meet again."

The room fell silent. There were a number of vampires clearly moved by my words. I could hear them snickering back and forth to one another. My friends didn't speak out loud. Their amazement was painted on their face.

"What's going to happen Jenna?" I questioned knowing that her and Jeffery were the only ones who would willingly give me answers right now.

Jenna took her time before answering clearly she had asked Jeffery something because he has nodded to her before she replied.

"I'm not sure Lydia. When a royal dies there's usually an announcement or something along those lines. They killed her without a hearing which is unheard of. We should think about leaving as soon as possible. They know we were loyal to her. They may fear retaliation." Jenna explained.

She was completely right. Although I spared the life of that guard they have witnessed me kill for my Mate in the past. To them I was a threat to their structure and way of life.

My mind kept drifting to Kaitlyn. From what I read about the Mate bond her dying would change me. There was a void feeling inside me. I wanted to see her. I wanted to give her a proper goodbye.

They elders seemed to be deep in thought communicating through their mind links. Some had angered expressions while others kept turning to look at me.

We were afraid to move. If we ran we would be greatly outnumbered regardless of how strong we were. My patience was growing thin but I needed to remain calm even if I wanted to behead every single one of them.

"Elders, I see you are in conflict. You have just witnessed the trial. My friends and I would like to retire for the night. We have suffered a great loss. Lydia has suffered a greater loss. Please give us time to grieve." Jeffery stood up speaking for all of us.

"No, she is not permitted to leave until there is a conclusion. We will be voting shortly." One of the elders replied.

I lost any and all patience I had at that point. I felt the lump in my throat return but it didn't stop me.

"Vote?" I said sarcastically. "You want to vote? You killed the Queen before I even stepped into this room. You counted me out prior to seeing me pass or fail! Now you want to vote? What happens if I pass! You're going to apologize for having my Mate killed?" My rant continued as I walked closer to them. Jenna and Jeffery tried to physically hold me back by grabbing at my shirt and arms.

"Fail me. Go ahead. I will die trying to rip the....."

"Enough." A voice echoed through the room.

All eyes turned in the direction of the entrance. Gasps and whispers bounce through out the room and behind me I could hear Sam laughing. I turned to face the doorway and there she stood.


She was full of life and a smile sat on her face. Words, along with my feet, had failed me. I couldn't move. I stood frozen in place as my head tried to comprehend who was standing in front of me.

Kaitlyn walked smoothly towards me. Her purple eyes were locked on my. Every single step she took I felt my heart pounding in my chest. Its broken pieces slowly mending with every step she took. Time stood still as she reached me. She raised her hand and cupped my cheek.

"You've done so well my love" Her angelic voice rang through my ears.

She placed a gentle kiss on my lips sending sparks through my body.

She was very much alive.

Although I was overwhelmed with joy I found myself growing angry. She just let me think she was fucking dead!

When she pulled away from the kiss my anger peaked and I pushed her away from me.

"You let me think you were fucking dead. Are you fucking insane Kaitlyn? What if I killed him?"

"I knew you wouldn't Lydia. I couldn't be more proud of you." She answered me confidently.

Kaitlyn looked passed me and eyed down the elders. It was clear now they had asked her not to communicate with me so I would truly believe she had died.

"Elders, let it be known that I will not continue as Queen if my Mate is not at my side. I've done as you asked with this trial. I've lead this kingdom to the best of my ability for more years that I can count. I will lead with her as my Mate or I will not lead at all. I choose her, my kingdom and I choose myself. I assure you I can both love my Mate and love my kingdom. What is your verdict?" Kaitlyn preached to elders.

I took hold of her hand and watched the elders look from one another. It was hard to read their expressions. My heart was pounding out of my chest Kaitlyn rubbed her thumb along my hand as she held it calming me a bit.

"We accept her. Not because of the trial but because of you. If you vow to step down to be with her than you have left us with no other choice." One of the elders stated. "It's evident that she loves you. It's very clear that she is more than half vampire. We will allow the relationship to continue for now. We only ask that we can research her true lineage."

"For now! What does it matter that I'm more than half?" I chimed in. I had passed the test why couldn't they just leave it be?

"Young one, this is new for all of us. We are trying to figure out how you fall in line with others of your kind. Every vampire has a lineage. You blood is old and clearly very strong. We want to know who's vampires blood runs through your veins. It is abundantly clear that you have Marcus's. We want to know what makes up the rest of you. Then and only then will we fully accept you as fit for our Queen."

"Very well." Kaitlyn answered for the both of us.

"Very well? Really? What was all of this for then? Why put us through this?" I snapped.

"You've passed, they accepted us. As for the rest, we can about it speak later." She spoke in her Queen voice which pissed me off.

"I hate when you pull the Queen thing on me!"

"I know but it's all a show. We can't discuss this here." I remained silent not wanting to cause a scene in front of everyone.

"Elders, with respect, we will be departing now." Kaitlyn spoke as she and I walked silently out to her car.

We watched everyone clear out of the elders estate until we were greeted by our friends. We exchanged hugs before they left in Jefferys car. Kaitlyn and I were finally alone. My heartbeat was still slightly elevated from the shock of her being alive and the anger I felt towards her for allowing me to believe she had died. During the drive her face held a beautiful smile while I fought the urge to instantly forgive her. Our Mate bond begged me to hold her while my mind had whiplash from the events of the evening.

She wasn't dead. She was alive and right next to me. Her hair was blowing in the wind and her hand had a place on my thigh as she drove. I couldn't help myself. Nothing else matters but her at that moment. Yes, there was so much I wanted to say but having her next me trumped every one feeling I had. I leaned across the seat and kissed the woman loved. Everything else could wait just a little while longer.

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