Chapter 7: Wally

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Wally had managed to describe the situation yesterday as funny and as flirtatious towards his 'doctor' as possible.

That earned him a few hundred eye rolls. 'Just like his uncle', Dinah thought slightly annoyed.

"What exactly did you feel at that moment?", Black Canary asked already fearing the upcoming answer.

"...Hunger?", Wally tried.

"Are you sure? When this man got shot you felt hungry?", she said waiting for a reaction.

The teen paled and for a second and Black Canary spotted horror written on his face before he gave her his cheekiest grin.

"Fast metabolism", he stated before leaning back against the chair.

"Weren't you... shocked? Or even a bit afraid?", she asked.

"Heh!", Wally grinned nervously pointing to himself, "The Wall-man and shocked?"

"Do you want to know what I think, Wally?", Dinah asked.

"Always!", he winked.

"I think, that you were shocked, scared and afraid that day, you are just trying to play the "Wall-man, even if everybody needs you here just as yourself "

Said one gulped.

"Wally", she said with a concerned look, "It's okay to show your true emotions and you need to do that"

"Okay...", the speedster started, "...let's pretend I am doing all this emotions-bottling-up-thing. So what? What's the worst thing that can happen?"

Black Canary almost let out a victorious scream which would probably kill the young speedster but decided to hold back... yet...

She got through him!

"All these emotions would be channeled into frustration and would eat you alive innerly"

Wally swallowed hard, "Okay... How can you help me?"


The speedster knocked with super speed about three hundred times against the door of Wayne Manor before nearly hitting their butler Alfred who just opened the door.

"Ah, master Wallace, what a... unexpected visit", the old man greeted him politely with his British accent stepping aside and letting the teen in.

"Hey Alfred, is Dick at home?"

Alfred frowned worried, "I'm afraid not. Master Bruce is at an important gala at the Wayne Tech Building and...", he started and looked at his phone, "...just send me a message that tells, if he ever sees a speedster running up the windows of his Tower again, he for sure will personally hunt everyone of you down"

Wally blushed from embarrassment and paled from terror at the same time if that's even possible.

"However young Master Richard decided to patrol Gotham today on his own", Alfred informed him.

"Thanks, Alfred", Wally thanked, "If you see him can you please tell him that we need to talk"

"Of course", Alfred said suddenly worried, "Are you sure with master Richard is everything alright? He is acting a little bit paranoid today"

The speedster nodded, "He's really acting a bit odd but we had a few rough days. I hope he is ok. And about the paranoia; he is a bat after all"

Suddenly his mobile buzzed. He just got a message by his second favorite bird.

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