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Tobias POV

After a week of being away from my mate. Don't get me wrong I love my job. I miss my pack and mate . I have never had a good place to land then all of the sudden this girl fell into my life. Tris was like an angle. she showed me that I could trust her. All my life I have been ruynning from a past that I couldn't escape. All week I have been in New York for work. Now all I want to come home to Chicago. I have missed my mate so much.

Although I maybe young to lead a pack. A man who I must call my "father". A man who acts like a caring person infront of his pack. He has is charming ways to get what he wants. But on the inside. He would show me what was my punshment for when things went wrong. He told ,me that it would make me stronger and better. but I never understood what me ment. This went on for years. Ever scince Evelyn left that's when the beating started. After my "father" left the beatings stoped.

When I truned 16 I stayed with the pack. All of the sudden all of these responsibilities came my way. 2 years later Tris came into my life. I was thankful for her coming into my life. sommetimes I wounder what I would do if she hadn't came into my life? But I was told to never think that way if I have never meet her. I can't help it tho. There are some many things that can happen if I am not there to protect her.

over the years I think that she has changed me for the good. I dont think there is anyone who could change me the way Tris has. Befor I had meet Tris I had no one other than Zeke who claims that I was his true love. Even tho I knew that he was joking around I still feelt loved in some way.

tris pov

As I wake up I think to myself how much did I drink. I think that I only drank as much as my friends . This is why I never drink. hangover. My head is pounding like crazy. I need to find some medicine fast.

After I take the pills I remember that I have to get ready for work.

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