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                It has been a few days since I got the mysterious phone call from a girl telling me that Ashley cheated. I knew I had to talk to him about it so I invited him over so we could talk. “So what’s up?” Ashley asked me as he sat down.  “Well a few days ago, I got a phone call from a girl and she told me that you have been cheating on me. Is that true?” I asked him. He hesitated for a bit before answering. “No not at all. I could never do that to you. Stella you know I love you.” He said giving me a small smile. I chose to believe him, but I knew that something was up.

                A few nights later, the guys had a show and Becca and I decided to surprise them. We stayed in the back so they wouldn’t see us. When the show was over, we made our way backstage towards the guys’ dressing room. “Becca? Stella? What are you guys doing here?!”Andy said coming over to hug us. “Well we both got out of work early and decided to surprise you guys! Hey where’s Ashley?” I asked him. “Oh he went outside for a bit.”Andy told me. “Oh ok I’ll go look for him.” I said leaving the dressing room. I walked around for a few minutes, calling out Ashley’s name and looking around. I made my way towards an alley when I heard somebody moaning and it sounded like a girl. As I walked into the alley, what met my eyes was something that I thought I would never have to see. There was Ashley, with his pants half way down, having sex with some blonde hair chick. As I looked closer, I noticed that it was Stephanie. The girl that I had met not too long ago. “ASHLEY PURDY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” I yelled at him with angry tears running down my face. “Stella it’s not what it looks like I swear!” Ashley said pulling his pants up. “Like hell it is. Ashley I thought you loved me and I thought you would never cheat on me.” I said now crying. “I do love you and I’m so sorry.” Ashley said trying to hug me. “Don’t you fucking dare touch me! I never want to see you again!!” I said slapping him. “See I told you he was cheating on you.” Stephanie said giving an evil grin. “Wait that was you? How the fuck did get my number?” I asked her.” I got it from Ashley’s phone when he was passed out drunk.” She told me.  “Well I hope you guys are fucking happy together because I’m fucking done.” I said punching her in the face then walking away. I walked back into the dressing room and everybody noticed that I have been crying. “Stella what’s the matter?” Jake asked me.  “Well your asshole of a friend was having sex with Stephanie in the alley! I fucking caught them and I slapped him and punched her in the face. I never want to see him again.” I said tearing up. “I’m so sorry. Look Becca can you drive Stella home? It’s been a long night for her.” Andy asked her. “Yeah sure. Bye see you guys later.” Becca said helping me out the door. “Don’t worry Stella we will talk to Ashley for you.” Jinxx said reassuring me. “Thanks you guys are the best.” I said in a weak voice.

                For the next few weeks I didn’t do much. All I did was go to work, come home and stayed in bed crying my eyes out. Ashley called me at least 10 times a day and texted me every 5 minutes apologizing but all I did was ignore him. I wasn’t ready to talk to him or see him. Becca stayed with me the whole time to make sure I didn’t do anything stupid and to make sure that I was ok. “Stella have you eaten anything?” Becca asked me. “No. I’m too depressed to eat anything.” I said. “Stella you have to eat something. Come on, I’ll make you cream of broccoli soup. I know that’s your favorite.” Becca said getting me out of bed. “Fine. You know how to make me smile.” I said giving her a small smile. “Just looking out for my best friend.” Becca said smiling back.  As we were eating lunch, I got a text from C.C. asking if he and the guys could come over. I told him that they could but I wasn’t ready to see Ashley just yet and he understood.  A few moments later, C.C., Jake, Jinxx and Andy were sitting on my couch telling me what happened after Becca and I left. “Well we yelled at him for a bit and told him that he may have lost the best girl he ever had and he feels like absolute shit right now.” Andy said. “Well he should for fucking cheating on me.” I said in an upset voice. “Are you gonna take him back?” C.C. asked me. “I’m not too sure.  I’ll have to think about it.” I said shrugging. I really did have to think about it. On one end I loved Ashley with all my heart and I missed him like crazy. On the other he cheated on me and I didn’t know if I could take him back.

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