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"No way." I huffed out, crossing my arms.

"Milo Rue." Mama huffed, crossing her arms, copying me.

"Nuh uh." I shook my head and she sighed, rubbing her head. "I am not going into the girls' bathroom."

"But Milo...I don't want you to be far from me." Mama said and I shook my head. "Okay, just when you're done, wait for me outside. And do not talk to any strangers, okay?" I nodded and Mama sighed. She walked into the girls' bathroom and I went to the boys' bathroom.

I bumped into a man and mumbled a sorry before going into a stall. I haven't been going to the bathroom alone a lot since I just started. I usually need Mama to help me but now I'm a big boy and big boys have to do it alone.

After I finished my business, I went to wash my hands but I couldn't reach the sink. I pouted and looked around. There's supposed to be one for little kids but I can't see it. Mama will be super upset if I don't wash my hands. I looked around and saw a man. He was washing his hands.

I mean, I can ask strangers for help, right?

I walked over to him and tugged on his shirt. He looked down at me and I got a look of his face. He had blue eyes and brown hair. His hair was really curly.

"Yes kid?" He asked.

"Can you help me up? I can't reach the sink please." I asked politely.

"Sure kiddo, good manners you got." He picked me up and put me on the counter.

"Thank you mister." I said and he nodded.

"What's your name kiddo?" He asked. "I'm Chad."

"I'm Milo." I said as I started to wash my hands. I put a lot of soap on my hands and started to scrub it.

"How old are you kid?" He asked while he dried his hands.

"Four but I turn five in two days." I said with a cheeky smile. "How old are you mister?" He chuckled.

"That's not something you ask a grown man." He chuckled, "But I'm 32."

"You're old." I teased and he nodded, rubbing his head.

"Yeah." He laughed a bit. "Here." He gave me some tissue and I dried my hands. He helped me back down.

"Thank you." I said and he just smiled.

"No problem kid." He said and I walked out of the bathroom. I didn't see Mama so I waited where she told me to wait. I hummed and kicked my feet while waiting.

Then I saw that the toy store was right next to us. Mama wouldn't be mad if I went inside...right? I bit my lip to think about it and I shrugged. Why not? I walked into the toy store.

~~~~Demi's P.O.V

I was just drying my hands when I walked out of the bathroom. I panicked when I didn't see Milo outside yet. He should've been outside way before me. I looked around for him and didn't see him.

Oh fuck.

I took a deep breath and barged into the men's room.

"Whoa lady."

"What the hell?"

"Umm ma'am, wrong bathroom."

"Milo? Milo! Did any of you see a little boy? This high walk out here?" I blurted out and they all shook their heads except one.

"Yeah I saw him, the little guy was walking out while I was walking in." A man said.

"When was that?" I asked hurriedly.

"Five minutes ago maybe." he said and I nodded.

"Thank you and sorry guys." I walked out of the bathroom and continued to search for Milo. Where the hell is that boy? He is totally going to get a time out for this. And no ice cream.

I looked around the area and then caught a sight of a brown head of hair. The little boy was walking forward and he was wearing a blue shirt too. I hurried over to them.

"Milo?" I called out while I turned the boy. "Oh sorry kiddo." he just nodded and the woman next to him looked at me.

"What are you doing?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Looking for my son, sorry ma'am." I said and she nodded, grabbing her sons hand and walking away. I sighed and continued to look for Milo. Then I caught sight of a toy store.

Milo would definitely walk in there.

I walked in and looked for the little guy but this toy store was fucking huge!

"Milo! Milo! Are you in here?" I hollered out, looking for him. I found a worker and stopped them. "Hi did you see a little boy walk around here? This high, brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a blue shirt?"

"Yeah, he's on the second floor, by the Dinosaurs and Lego area." She said.

"Thank you." I thanked her and hurried upstairs. I rushed to the area and found the little boy playing with some Legos. "Milo Rue Lovato what were you thinking? I've been looking all over for you!" He looked up at me and gave me a sheepish smile.

"Sorry mama....." he mumbled and got up. I sighed and crouched down to him.

"Just don't do that again. I would've taken you here if you just waited." I stroked his cheek and he nodded. "And for that, we're not getting ice cream." He pouted at me.

"That's not fair." He whined.

"Sorry honey, you ran off when you were supposed to be waiting." I said and he sighed, nodding. "C'mon, we have more shopping to do before going home."

"Ugh.." He groaned and I chuckled. "But that means walking." He pouted.

"You need to stop hanging out with Lauren." I chuckled when he gasped, his eyes wide. "You're becoming sassier."

"She's my wife." He huffed out and I laughed a bit. "And you're the reason why I'm sassy."

"Whatever you say bud." I held his hand and we walked out. "And hey, why wasn't I invited to you and Lauren's wedding hmm?"

"You will be." He said cheekily. "But we're married in secret so shh." He put a finger to his lips to emphasize the shh and I just shook my head amused at this little kid.

I can not wait to tell Selena about this.


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