A Mist's Tears

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⚠️: Angst ahead prepare tissues, ice cream and a funny meme to cheer you up.

3rd PoV

Mukuro moved with great speed and cradled the Decimo on his chest again.

His hand pressed tightly on her bullet injure on her chest which was bleeding out rapidly.

"Tsunayuume! F*ck!" Mukuro hastily pulls out his cell and dials Giannini's number.

"Giannini! Emergency call! Send a medic team ASAP.-" Mukuro stared the rapidly paling face of Tsuna "We are at Route 209, Tell Shamal to prepare an antidote, Tsuna has been poisoned!"

"R-Right away!" Giannini hangs up.

Mukuro throws the cellphone to the ground, not caring if it breaks.

He pressed his palm on her cheeks, the flesh under his hand suddenly become cold.

His breath fastened and he began to hyperventilate. His heart beats painfully in his ribcage.

"No...no no no no no noーTsuna stay awake! Don't close your e-eyes! Stay with me!" he began to slightly sob.

"Mu...kuro..." Tsuna sighs as she weakly opens her eyes.

Her hues lost its color, the beautiful caramel eyes dulled into plain dark brown.

Her lips tremble and she coughs. Her body shaking violently from the action.

"Yes. Yes, it's me. Mukuro. Your Mist. Your friend." he bumps their forehead together, tears sliding on his cheek. "Your family."

He made a mistake abandoning her, betraying her trust but now he will not do the same mistake ever again. She was far too precious to lose.

"Fa...mily...?" she gasps softly.

"Yes, your family..." Mukuro nodded, forehead still on her. He gulped when he felt warmth leaves her body. As if her life was slipping away from him.

Tsuna stares at man who's crying.

Her heart twinges, she never saw the Mist cry. Was it because of her?

Slowly, she raises her hand and wipes his tears. His beautiful mismatch eyes stares down at her.

"Don't... c...cry..." Mukuro sobs even more and shakes his head. "No, don't talk. Save your energy."  he whispers as he takes her hand and presses it firmly on his wet cheek.

Tsuna didn't listen. Her senses slowly fading away.

'Hah...Don't cry Mukuro...'

"Smi...le...suits you... mo...re..."

Her body went limp.


Mukuro screamed.

—Time skip.





Weak eyes opened to the sound of monitor beeping.

Sawada Tsunayuume has never felt numbness in her body before. It sure feels weird.

A memory flash into her mind. And heard Koro-sensei's voice.

"Tsuna. The next time you wake up after being unconscious, you will assess the damage to your own body first and foremost."

"Once you’ve done that, you will make sure you’re in an environment that’s not hostile. You’ll do this by using your nose and ears."

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