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⚠️: Mentions of blood. Eww.

3rd PoV

After the explosion incident in the lab, the Three inventors had to continued their research somewhere else.

Tsuna was still thinking about Reborn's action from right after the incident and blushes every time she thinks about it.

'Gah! Stupid Reborn, making me think and act like this...'

Tsuna sighs as she leans on her seat, wanting the leather seat and swallow her and disappear forever.

"D-Decimo-sama? Are you alright?" Gokudera who's beside her, asks with concern.

Tsuna looks over him and shakes her head.

"I'm fine, Gokudera just thinking." she looks away with a slight blush.

The two Mists saw the blush and exchange questioning looks.

'Something smells fishy...'

—An hour later.

They arrived at a big building, a hotel, owned by the Vongola.

Many men in black were there, controlling the perimeter, secretly talking to ear pieces and guarding the building.

After all, some Mafia bosses are there.

The Vongola limo stopped right in front of the fancy building and Gokudera comes out first.

He opens the door and bows.

Tsuna came out as gracefully as she can followed by the other guardians.

Those who are near them stopped what they are doing and bows down the the Donna of Vongola with slight blush on their face.

Ayeeee, some people have a crush~

Thank GOD, Reborn is not there to shoot them.

It would be terrible. Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying.

"Is everyone there, Gokudera?" she asks her right hand man who just returned from obtaining information.

"Unfortunately, some of our allies cannot come due to personal problems but they sent someone to represent their family. Bucking Bronco, Byakuran, Enma, Tiranno Primo, and some minor allies are present, Decimo-Sama" Gokudera said.

Tsuna nods, "I see. Thank you Gokudera" Said man nods with a blush.

Later on, they arrived at the meeting room where Dino, Enma and Tiranno Primo are chatting while Byakuran is stuffing his face with marshmallows.

The latter stopped eating once Tsuna entered along with her guardians and the man stands up and in a flash, he's hugging Tsuna squealing and rubbing their cheek together.

"Tsuuuuuu-chaaaan~ how I missed you! How are you? How are your guardians treating you? Do you want me to threat them? Want some marshmallows?" he showed the pack of sugary fluff after he lets go of her.

Tsuna laughs albeit a little bashful because she is not used to his friendly affections.

"I'm fine Byakuran-kun, and no thanks for the marshmallows I'm not hungry at the moment... And no, you can't threaten my guardians." she shakes her head at him.

Byakuran pouts but nodded and went back to his seat, continuing what he was doing before.

Several minor bosses nods at her for recognition and some kissed her hand resulting a fuss from her guardians.

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