21- The date

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It has been three weeks since Ethan was over, and witnessed the kiss shared between Antonio and Sadie. Antonio had called Ethan trying to get information out of him, about what has been on his mind, but Ethan wouldn't enlighten him anything.

Sadie was teaching the girls how to play the piano when her phone rang. It was Ethan asking if he could take her out for lunch, wanting to have a talk with her about some things. She was a little hesitant about going knowing that Antonio would probably get upset about it, but she was also curious about what he had to say, and agreed to meet him.

Antonio was to be in court all day, and Sadie had no way of getting a hold of him to let him know that she was taking the girls out to lunch with Ethan. Since she had the girls, they decided to meet at Chuck E Cheese, that way the girls could run around and play games while they were talking.

As Sadie and the girls walked into the pizza place, she saw Ethan waving for them, letting them know that he was already there, and walked over to him.

"Thanks for meeting me." Ethan says, as he sat back down, he pulled out some money, handing it to Sadie "Go get the girls tokens to play, my treat."

"Wow, thank you." Sadie brought the girls over to the token machine, placing the twenty dollar bill in the slot, and out came all of their tokens. She handed them some tokens "Here, if you need more I'll be over there, talking with Uncle Ethan."

"OK." the girls said happily. The girls excitedly ran away, going to the play gym, while Sadie sat back down with Ethan.

"Has Antonio ever decided what he was going to do with Harlow's belongings?" Ethan asked curiously.

"I'm not sure...why?" She asked as she kept her eyes on the girls.

"I'm just curious, she told me that she had some things hidden for the girls, and also put aside something for Antonio. She never said what they were, or where she put anything. Before he gets rid of any of her things, double check everything."

"OK, I will let him know.. I do have to ask, why haven't you said anything to Antonio about it?"

"To be honest, I thought he would have gotten rid of all her things by now, and would have seen what Harlow left for him and the girls."

"Why do you think that?"

Ethan grabbed her hand holding it tight, he looked into her in the eyes like he had something important to say, her stomach dropped and she started to get nervous. She tried pulling her hand back, but held on tighter. She turned her head to look for the girls and didn't see them.

"Ethan let me go, I don't see the girls." She demanded, standing up. She frantically looked around for the girls, freaking out that she couldn't find them. Her heart was pounding, and ran over to Ethan "I need help finding them!"

He stood up, and helped to look for them. Sadie was standing near a jungle gym slide with tears in her eyes, and heard pounding noises above her, she looked up and saw the girls inside a clear tunnel with smiles waving at her. She let out a sigh of relief, waving for them to come down.

The girls came down and ran over to Sadie "You two scared me to death!" Sadie scolded.

"We have been up there" Isabella said, pointing up to the tunnel that is also a maze.

"I'm sorry, I should have looked up there."

"Are you two ready to leave? I know that I am." Sadie wanted to leave and to get away from Ethan, she didn't know what he was up to when he grabbed her hand, and wouldn't let go.

She walked over to Ethan with the girls "I found them, I think we're going to head home."

"I haven't finished talking with you, I wanted to tell you about Harlow, and what she wanted you to know."

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