No Way Out...Part 10

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*Kayla's POV*

"We can't stay in here, Zak is going to get in anyway" Jay said. Since Nick, Aaron, Billy, Jay and Kennedi don't know the History about this place, Trina, Rose, Josie and I wanted to tell them about what happened here that we wouldn't tell anyone else. Ashley and Megan knew the story and they promised that they wouldn't tell another living soul. "Guys" Rose said. Nick, Aaron, Billy, Jay and Kennedi looked at us. "We want to tell you something that we never told anyone else before" Trina said. "What is it?" Aaron asked. "It's about the history of the place, what happened here that will always haunt us forever" Josie said. My heart sunk before I even started the story. The flashback came back to me. We call our evil grandfather by his normal name Paul because we hated him so much and he ruined our childhood. Our grandad James didn't deserve to go like that.


Grandad James was babysitting us while Mom and Ian were out. Grandad James loves making us laugh. "Oh my sweethearts, I love you with all my heart" he said smiling. "We love you too Grandad" Rose said. "I want you girls to go and chase your dreams, what do you girls want to be when you grow up?" Grandad asked. "I want to be a nurse" Josie said. "I want to be a police woman" Rose said. "I want to be a teacher" Trina said. I said "I want to be a Paranormal investigator, I wanna communicate with the spirits" I said. "I thought you wanted to be a singer" Rose asked. I sing a little bit, but I wouldn't sing in front of anyone else other then my mom, dad, step dad, grandad, nanny and other close friends and family. "Chase your dreams girls, you'll get there soon, but something will happen one day and you'll become a hero" grandad said. Heroes?.

Someone started banging on the front door. "Who could be at the door this late at the night?" Josie asked. Grandad stood up and walked out of the sitting room. We all looked out the sitting room door. "Please don't hurt the girls! No! No! No!" Grandad yelled. We heard gunshots going off. We saw Paul shooting Grandad a couple of times. We all started screaming and crying. Paul stopped shooting grandad. He looked at us with the evil creepy look in his eyes. "If you girls tell anyone, I will come back! I will always come back!" He shouted and pointed at us. We were shocked and shaking. Paul ran out of the house. "Call 911!" I cried. Trina ran to the phone and dialled 911. "We have to call mom too!" Rose cried. Josie ran and grabbed the other house phone from in the kitchen. I walked over to Grandad. Grandad was still alive. He was shot well over 10 times. We knew he wasn't going to make it. "Grandad" I said. "It'" Grandad said in between breaths and then slowly took his last breath. Rose and I started balling our eyes out. Trina and Josie came out to the hallway. Mom and Ian finally arrived home. Mom screamed in horror. Ian was terrified. "Paul did this mom!" Trina cried. "He killed grandad!" Rose cried. That night changed our lives. This will never go away, no matter if we're happy, sad, angry or any emotion, we're going to be haunted by this night, forever...

*Flashback ends*

Tears rolled down my face. That horrible night haunted me. Paul swore that he will come back and it looks like he did and by doing that, he's using Zak's body. "I can't sleep at night without thinking that it happens" I whimpered. Nick wrapped his arms around me. Trina, Rose and Josie were in tears too. Megan, Ashley, Kennedi, Aaron, Billy and Jay comfort Trina, Rose and Josie. I cried into Nick's chest. "It's ok" he whispered. We heard three knocks on the door. An evil chuckle came from the other side of the door. "Kayla, Rose, Trina, Josie" Zak called out. None of us said a word. My heart was in my throat right now and my breathing became heavier. "I know your in there, come out, I promise I won't hurt you" Zak said. Nick out his finger up to his mouth to say "don't say a word".

Zak struck an axe through the door. We screamed bloody murder. He made a hole through the door. "Who wants to play a game?" Zak asked with a horrible looking creepy smile and still black eyes. We were crowded into the corner of the room. "!" Zak said in that creepy dark demonic voice again. This is the moment I thought was the end. I thought we were going to die. Will there be a way out of this?.

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