Chapter 11

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Chloe's Pov:
I was laying on the bed, naked, while I was forced to rub my clit fast and moan loudly. Soon Master walked in with Kyle and Rick. Master forced me into the same position as last time, when they all fucked me at once. Kyle pounded my pussy, Rick was pounding my ass this time, while Master pounded my mouth. I was forced to cum over and over when all the dicks were inside me, not that I cared.

Soon all 3 cummed inside me, and I was forced to Moan against Master's dick as they cummed. Once they all cummed, I was forced to lay on the bed, legs spread wide apart. Once I did this Master quickly tied me to the bed.

"Alright Slave, when I snap my fingers, your going to imagine me fucking you pussy, mouth and ass. Because of this your going to be so horny and wet, your going to constantly Moan Master and cum, without stopping." Master says.

"Yes Master..." I reply.

Master snapped his fingers. I began to think of Master pounding all my holes, and I started moaning and cumming because of the thoughts. I was so horny and wet, it was making it worse.

While I was doing this Master was biting, sucking, licking, squeezing, etc my breasts. I felt a vibrator against my breasts a little after, and Master made me Moan extremely loud because of it. I obeyed of course.

After a while Master forced me to stop, and untied me. I was then brought into the bathroom, and was pushed into the shower which was already on. Master entered after me, and shoved my back agaisnt the wall. He spread my legs apart, and shoved 2 fingers into my pussy. As he pumped my pussy with his hands, he forced me to pump his dick. I obeyed. Masters other hand was sexually abusing my breasts, and we were making out.

After the shower, I was forced to wear the smallest pair of panties ever, which still basically showed my entire ass and pussy. Master told me I had to love it, so I did. I was also wearing a bra, which was just as small as the panties, and basically showed my entire breasts in which Master said I also had to love, so I did. Master was wearing boxes and shorts, but that was it.

Jay's Pov:
I had forced everyone to live on their own somewhere else, while I get to own Chloe in this house alone. Now it was me and Chloe alone. I told Chloe to go down stairs and sit on the couch. When she did that, I grabbed a collar and a chain, along with a few other things.

I walked downstairs and over to Chloe, who was sitting on the couch, legs spread wide as she rubbed her clit. I walked over to her, and left a hickey on her stomach so close to her pussy. I then took the collar and put it around her neck, along with the chain. I forced her to follow me outside the back, and over to the pool. Once we got to the pool, I attached the chain to a pool next to the pool, and I told her to lay on her back.

I used my arms to prompt myself above Chloe, as I left hickeys everywhere. Her neck, stomach, breasts, hips, and one beautiful dark hickey just a tiny little bit above her pussy. Chkoe was forced to Moan as I did so. I then got up and moved her panties to the side. I shoved my dick into her pussy, pounding her. I forced her to cum as I cummed as well.

Chloe sucked my dick to clean all the cum off it, and once it was clean, I sucked her pussy. I then forced her to sit up and shoved my dick back into her mouth. She sucked my dick hard and deep. As soon as my dick was all the way in her mouth, I held her in that spot. I forced her to moan against my dick, and she did. The vibrations made me cum into her mouth, but I didn't pull away. I cummed again and again, before letting her swallow and pull away.

"When I snap my fingers, your going to cum over and over. If I touch you, you cum twice as much. Understand!" I explained to my slut.

"Yes Master. This Slut will cum over and over when Master snaps his fingers. If Master touches Slut, Slut must cum twice as much." Slut Chloe replies.

"Good Slut~" I say, and snapped my fingers.

I watched as Chloe suddenly began to cum, the cum landing on the towel she was sitting on. I smirked and sat behind her, rubbing my hand over her clit. She started to cum twice as much, and I was loving. That changed when I saw Chase storming over here.

"May I help you Chase? Me and my Slut are trying to fuck, suck and cum!" I say.

"Get the fuck away from my slave." Chase growls, and I force Chloe to moan loudly.

"Why should I?" I ask, shoving my finger into her cumming pussy.

"Because if you don't I will do this!" Chase says.

"Do wh-" I was cut off by going mindless.

Master forced me to get away from Chloe, and pack my stuff up. I was then told to never rememeber what happened and left.

Chase's Pov:
I don't know where everyone went, but luckily I got them out of the hypnosis. I ended up coming back to my place, and going back to Chloe being my slave. I told Chloe I was her Master and no matter what anyone else said, they couldn't become her Master. She obeyed me.

I unchained her, and took both the chain and collar off her neck. I then forced her onto her back on the ground, and ripped her bra and panties off. I took my clothes off, and began pounding into her perfect pussy. Soon I cummed into her pussy, and took her back inside.

We walked into my bedroom, where I forced her to give me an extremely sexy lap dance. As she did so, I watched her every move. Soon if came to the part where she had to grind against me, while sitting on me. As she went to sit on me, I forced her onto my dick, and grinded hard.

"Ride me slave. Hard, Fast and Deep!" I ordered Chloe.

"Yes Master." Chloe replies.

Chloe rides my dick hard, deep and fast. My hands were sexually abusing her breasts while she did so, and I forced her to make-out with me as well. Soon I forced Chloe to sit on my dick, so it was completely inside her, and forced her to cum. When Chloe cummed, I did as well. I then forced her to clean it off my dick.

"Lay on the bed slave, legs spread apart waiting for me." I order Chloe.

"Yes Master. I will lay on the bed with my legs spread apart." Chloe says, obeying me.

I watched Chloe lay down in the bed, and spread her legs apart. Her pussy looking wet and had a little bit of cum left on it. I crawled onto the bed, and cleaned the rest of the cum off her pussy. Afterwards I layed down ontop of her, my dick inside her pussy. I shoved a buttplug into her ass and a dildo into her mouth. She was going to sleep that way.

"Sleep..." I whisper to Chloe, snapping my fingers.

I moved off Chloe, and looked at her body. Her pussy was had nothing inside it, so I started to suck her pussy. Chloe didn't move her anything, as I continued to eat her out. Soon I stopped and shoved a vibrator into her pussy instead. I then crawled ontop of her body, and pushed the dildo into her mouth further. I pumped the dildo, waking her up as I did so.

I forced her to suck the dildo like it was my dick. She obeyed me and did exactly that. Soon I swapped the dildo for my actual dick, and forced her to suck it. Soon I cummed into her mouth, forcing her to swallow it. I moved down so our heads were the same height, and forced the dildo back into her mouth. I pulled the buttplug out, and shoved my dick into her pussy. I forced her to moan against the dildo as my hands squeezed her breasts.

Soon I forced her to go back to sleep. I left my dick deep inside her ass, my hands on her breasts, the dildo in her mouth and the vibrator in her pussy. Chloe was asleep like that, and I drifted to sleep like that afterwards.

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