" Brea dear, you need to start taking responsibility." Mom tells me with tension. She crosses her arms. 

     " Like I haven't heard that one before." I sass, plopping a spicy Cheeto into my mouth. Mom sighs deeply and sits down in the wooden chair beside me.

     " Honey...what did I ever do to deserve all this?" Mom sorrowfully asks. I groan.

     " Deserve what? The truth? I'm just being who I am mom. If you don't like it, kick me out of here. I'll go live with Kris then." I continue eating my Cheetos as if this conversation isn't serious.

     " Brea Nicole Rowland!" Mom yelled surprised and hurt. " You are sixteen years old. You need to start takin' responsibility!" She exclaims in her ghetto accent. I roll my eyes and get up to throw away my empty bag. I stroll to the big closet just feet away from the front door and grab my jacket and purse.

     " And where do you think you're going Brea?" Mom snaps, slowly rising from her chair. I sigh, putting on my jacket. 

     " Oh, take a seat." I rudely answer back, unlocking the door and turning the door knob. Mom runs to me as I'm taking my first step outside. She roughly grabs my arm and pulls me back inside.

     " Ow!" I yell, exaggerating my pain. She angrily locks the door and leans against it.

     " I asked you a question!" She yelled back.

     " Out!"

     " Where!"

     "You are not my monitor! Let me leave!" I scream really loud, a could almost swear it could be heard in Maine. Mom quickly covers her ears, but releases when I finished screaming.

     As she was just about to object, Zonnique storms downstairs.

     " What the fuck is all this ruckus?" She asks, bewildered. I ignore her and straighten my white moustache (must have) Prin shirt.

     " Sorry for disturbing your studies Zonnique. Brea and I were just in the middle of a fight. Go continue." Mom sighs rubbing her aging forehead.

     " Sorry for distrubing your studies Zonnique. Brea and I were I in the middle of a fight." I mock, making faces. " You can't say something like that to me." 

     " When do you ever study?" Zonnique snapped. " All you be doin' is partin', smokin', and livin' life carelessly...and you're a Junior! Beside that fact...it doesn't matter how old you are. That's a really bad lifes-"

     " I don't have time for your lectures! God Zonnique! Stop actin' like your all dat. 'Cuz you aint. Stay outta this yo!" I storm up the carpeted white narrow stairs and up into my bedroom. Fuckin leave me alone! I'm going out! That's all you need to know! Infact, you don't need to know where I'm going! I'm not a freakin' lil' kid no more! 

     I ferociously kick my worn out door closed and lock it. It already has thirteen dents in it because of me kicking it so much. 

     I jump up and quickly snatch the key ontop of my door that I use to lock my door and any other door in the house.

     I lock my door and slide the silver, skinny key into the pocket of my tight, ripped skinny jeans. After  that, I slide the only window of my room up and climb out. A few years ago when I started coming out through because when mom and/or dad wouldn't let me go through the front door, I tore the screen behind it so I could get out. I doing really care about it nad it doesn't bother me, except for when I elave my window open for some fresh air, but some bugs come in. Ugh, I hate that! Bugs are so dumb! They stay into my house until they die even though we've been leaving door leading to outside open a lot. Like, inside of trying to go through an open window, they'd keep hitin' their stupid lil' faces on a closed, glass window! Like, for real?