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EARLY in the morning, there he was standing in front of his mansion. Again, his mother called him earlier and asked him to meet her urgently. The place was silent than usual as he walked in.

And he was nervous. Surely, she wanted to talk about the contract and her revenge. A few servants were busy with their works as he walked upstairs and straight to his mother's room.

There he gave a knock and she immediately opened the door. "Come inside." His mother pulled him inside and locked the door.

"So?" Jungkook started.

"It's time to work on our plan," she said and clapped her hands together. He sighed. "What plan?" he asked, narrowing his eyes and she scoffed at his words.

"You're talking as if you have no idea at all," she said. "You never told me about your so-called plan." He rolled his eyes.

"Also, you said I need to gain her trust which I haven't till now," he said and examined her face.

An evil smirk formed across it. "Things happened so I changed the plan and we have to do it today," she said and his eyes widened after hearing her words. No idea what exactly was going on her mind.

"What's the plan and why today?" he finally asked. "I told you, things happened." she shut him up.

The plan, "As I told you before, you'll play a victim, making her a bad one. So she will cheat on you and get caught which will lead to the divorce." She started.

"Everything is already planned to make it look like she cheated." She continued and waited for his response which wasn't unexpected.

"What if I say I won't let it happen?" he asked with a straight face.

There was a long silence and his mother was shaken after hearing his words. "Don't tell me you have fallen for her." She scoffed.

"I won't do it," he said.

"You did, right?" she asked. He ignored her question and was about to walk out when his mother's words stopped him.

"If you won't do then I'll do it myself and it will be worst than this," she said.

Jungkook walked back to her. "Dare to touch her and you'll see the worst side of me." He warned his mother.

"Does she feel the same for you?" His mother asked and that was when the realization hit him. He still didn't know if she felt the same way as him.

"I don't know." A whimper escaped his mouth. "You will go against your mom for her?" she asked but got ignored.

"You don't want your family business?" she asked again and this time, he paused after hearing her words. "I know you want it." She smirked, aware of how much he wanted to overtake the business.

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